How many times has Jose Mourinho beaten Arsenal?

How many times has Jose Mourinho beaten Arsenal?

The Spurs boss has hosted Arsenal a total of 10 times as manager of Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham and has never tasted defeat, winning six and drawing four of those encounters.

Is Mourinho better than Wenger?

Mourinho wins this round, due to a higher quantity of trophies, as well as competitions that Wenger didn’t win, such as the Champions League and the Europa League.

What did Jose Mourinho say about Arsene Wenger?

While tempers have boiled over between the two plenty of times, Mourinho recently made clear his admiration for Wenger. Mourinho described Wenger as a “sweet enemy” and “a very intelligent person and one of the best football managers in the history of football.”

Who won more Wenger or Ferguson?

The duo faced each other 49 times over the 17 years that they were both managers in the Premier League, with Ferguson winning 23, losing 16 and drawing 10. Despite that, Wenger was able to lead the Gunners to three Premier League titles, with United finishing in the top three on every occasion.

How many times has harry kane scored against Arsenal?

As of 12 May 2022, 191 games have been played between the two teams since their first game in the Football League in 1909, with 79 wins for Arsenal, 61 wins for Tottenham and 51 games drawn….North London derby.

Top scorer Harry Kane (13 goals)
All-time series Arsenal: 79 Drawn: 51 Spurs: 61

Is Arsene Wenger one of the best manager?

Arsene Wenger is in my opinion the world’s finest manager. But that does not take away any of the achievements of other great managers. The likes of Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Louis Van Gaal and Fabio Capello are all fantastic managers in their own way.

Is Wenger a good manager?

On the basis of influence on the game and trophies won, Wenger should be ahead of Klopp, and arguably several others in the list too. He achieved great things in his 22 years at Arsenal, including three Premier League titles, seven FA Cup successes and numerous manager of the year awards.

Why did Mourinho call Wenger a voyeur?

First, he was called a “voyeur” by Jose who claimed he was obsessed with his Chelsea team. He said: “I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur. He likes to watch other people. “There are some guys who, when they are at home, have a big telescope to see what happens in other families.

Are Wenger and Ferguson friends?

Wenger and Ferguson have become friends since their retirements from management. ‘We have a lot of respect for each other now. We had a period when it was very tough, very hot,’ Wenger said last year. ‘After you’re not competing any more, everything becomes a bit more objective.

Who was better Wenger or Ferguson?

Arsene Wenger was “superior tactically” to Alex Ferguson, according to former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. Towards the end of Schmeichel’s time at Man United, an intense rivalry was forming between the Red Devils and Wenger’s Arsenal side, with the two clubs battling for honours on a regular basis.

Are Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson friends?

What do Spurs fans call Arsenal?

Fans of Arsenal’s biggest and nearest rivals, Tottenham, have been known to call Arsenal ‘scum’, or ‘Woolwich’, in reference to the fact that they, unlike Spurs, do not have north London roots. ‘Gooners’ often reciprocate by calling Spurs ‘Spuds’ or ‘Sp*rs’.

Is Tottenham better than Arsenal?

In 181 games between them, Arsenal have won more, beating Tottenham 76 times. Spurs have won 56 of the matches and there have been 49 draws. The Gunners won the last meeting – their 76th victory – on November 18 2017 when they won 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium, with goals coming from Shkodran Mustafi and Alexis Sanchez.

Is Wenger a good coach?

Wenger was never a good coach It was Dean’s persistence that brought in the star players who made Arsenal so great. Tony Adams, an Arsenal legend and captain, once said: “Coaching wasn’t Arsène’s strong point.” Wenger’s strength wasn’t in on-field coaching but in identifying and nurturing young talent.

Is Arsene Wenger laissez faire?

Wenger empowered his team. Adopting a free thinking philosophy, he encouraged the players to use their initiative on the ball, and when mistakes were inevitably made, he didn’t berate them nor lose trust in their abilities. In theory, Wenger’s laissez-faire leadership made good sense.

Is Arsene Wenger the best manager of all time?

Was Arsenal named after Arsene Wenger?

Arsenal Football Club was named after Arsène Wenger. 84.

Are Mourinho and Wenger friends?

Jose Mourinho And Arsene Wenger Were A Dynamic Duo As Champions League Pundits. Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger were never the best of friends when they were managing against each other but at the Champions League final they got on like a house on fire as pundits.

How many trophies Wenger won with Arsenal?

Wenger’s first decade at Arsenal – spanning 1996-97 to 2005-06, their last at Highbury – yielded 11 trophies out of the 17 he won overall in north London, including all three Premier League titles.

Who managed longer Ferguson or Wenger?

The record lies with none other than Arsene Wenger of Arsenal. The Frenchman took charge of the club in 1996 and was finally let go by the management in 2018. His span in London lasted 7894 days, which is now a Premier League record almost impossible to beat. Next on the list is, obviously, Sir Alex Ferguson.

What does Gooner mean in Arsenal?

Gooner (plural Gooners) (soccer, slang) someone connected with Arsenal Football Club, as a fan, player, coach etc.

Are Spurs bigger than Arsenal?

By 2019 Spurs had a revenue 17% bigger than Arsenal’s (£435million compared to £371m) and, according to Deloitte, are comfortably in the top ten richest clubs while Arsenal have slipped from sixth to 11th since 2017.

Which team has beaten Arsenal the most?

The team that Arsenal have played most in league competition is Manchester United, who they first met in the 1894–95 Football League season; the 83 defeats from 204 meetings is more than they have lost against any other club. Liverpool have drawn 52 league encounters with Arsenal, more than any other club.

Is Arsenal better than Man U?

Is Manchester United better than Arsenal FC? Currently Manchester United has a better 1vs1 performance index with 91. Manchester United has 51 goals and Arsenal FC has a total of 56 goals. Our opinion is that currently Manchester United would win the match.

Why was Arsene Wenger so good?

Wenger acts as a father figure, a mentor for many of Arsenal’s young players. This has ensured a smooth relationship between the players and it has helped in keeping away off-field problems. Throughout the years, Wenger has had the same assistant, which has a great influence on the team.