How many judges are there in Ranchi High Court?

How many judges are there in Ranchi High Court?

The seat of the court is at Ranchi, the administrative capital of the state. The court has a sanctioned judge strength of 25….Jharkhand High Court.

Jharkhand High Court झारखंड उच्च न्यायालय
Judge term length mandatory retirement by age of 62
Number of positions 25
Chief Justice

How many judges are there in Jharkhand?

Currently in Jharkhand High Court there are 15 judges including Chief Justice Dr Ravi Ranjan. With this the number of judges in Jharkhand High Court will be 20 whereas the sanctioned strength of judges in Jharkhand High Court is 25.

Who was the first justice of Jharkhand?

The correct answer is Vinod Kumar Gupta. The capital of Jharkhand is Ranchi which is also known as the city of the waterfalls. Vinod Kumar Gupta is the first chief justice of Jharkhand High Court for a term from 5th December 2000 to 7th March 2003.

Who is present Chief Justice of Ranchi High Court?

Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan
Hon’ble The Chief Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan | High Court of Jharkhand, India.

How many judges are there in High Court?

It consists of about 73 judges, headed by the President of the Queen’s Bench Division.

Who is the first Chief Justice of India?

Justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania
Justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania was the first (Indian) Chief Justice of India. Kamal Narain Singh was the shortest-serving Chief Justice Of India, he held the Supreme Court Office as CJI just for 17 days from 21st November 1991 to 12th December 1991. Justice Y. V.

Who is the district judge of Jharkhand?

न्यायिक पदाधिकारी / JUDICIAL OFFICERS

Sl. No. Judge Name and Designation
1. Shri Rakesh Kumar Singh Principal District and Sessions Judge,Chatra
2. Shri Sandeep Srivastava Principal Judge, Family Court
3. Shri Ram Babu Gupta District and Addl. Sessions Judge-I cum
4. District and Addl. Sessions Judge-II

Who was the first woman Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court?

Gyan Sudha Mishra
Ranchi, July 13 : Gyan Sudha Mishra, the first woman Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court, was Sunday sworn in by governor Syed Sibte Razi at the Raj Bhawan here. Mishra is the sixth Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court after the state was carved out from Bihar Nov 2000.

Who was the first Chief Secretary of Jharkhand?

He was the district magistrate of Patna in the 1970s. He was appointed as Chief Secretary of Bihar in 1998 and then was handpicked by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government to be the first Chief Secretary of Jharkhand State in 2000.

Who is Ravi Ranjan in Jharkhand?

Ravi Ranjan (born on 20 December 1960) is an Indian Judge. Presently, he is Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court. He is former Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court and Patna High Court also.

Who is the youngest High Court judge?

On 24 June 1946, Hidayatullah was appointed Additional Judge of that High Court of Central Provinces and Berar and on 13 September 1946 he was appointed permanent judge of said High Court where he served until being elevated to Chief Justice of the Nagpur High Court in 1954 on 3 December 1954, being the youngest Chief …

What are the 5 types of judges?

Court roles (Legal)

  • Judge Advocate General.
  • High Court.
  • High Court Masters.
  • Circuit Judge.
  • Recorder.
  • District Judge.
  • District Judge (Magistrates Court)

Which is the oldest high court in India?

The Calcutta High Court
The Calcutta High Court is the oldest High Court in India. It has jurisdiction over the State of West Bengal and the Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Which is the largest high court in India?

biggest high court of india – Allahabad High Court

  • Asia.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Allahabad District.
  • Allahabad.
  • Allahabad – Places to Visit.
  • Allahabad High Court.

What is the capital of Jharkhand?

RanchiJharkhand / Capital

When was Jharkhand High Court established?

2000Jharkhand High Court / Established
Jharkhand High Court Ranchi 57 of 1976, by High Court at Patna(Establishment of Permanent Bench AT Ranchi) Act 1976 with effect from 8th April 1976. The Jharkhand High Court came into existence after reorganiszation of state of Bihar in existing state of Bihar and Jharkhand on 15th November 2000.

Who are the 3 female Supreme Court justices?

The U.S. Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court is the highest level of the judiciary branch. Out of 115 justices that have served on the court, only five have been women. Three are currently serving: Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Amy Coney Barrett.

Who are the 4 female Supreme Court justices?

There have been 114 people nominated and confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. All but six have been white men. Four of these individuals have been women: Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.

Who is CMO of Jharkhand?

List of chief ministers of Jharkhand

Chief Minister of Jharkhand
Emblem of Jharkhand
Incumbent Hemant Soren since 29 December 2019
Chief Minister’s Office
Style The Honourable (Formal) Mr. Chief Minister (Informal)

Who is Cs of Jharkhand?

Sukhdeo Singh
Sukhdeo Singh a 1987-batch IAS officer has been appointed as the chief secretary of Jharkhand.

Who is the chief secretary of Jharkhand?

Who is Advocate General of Jharkhand?

Advocate Rajeev Ranjan
Senior Advocate Rajeev Ranjan has reportedly been appointed the new Advocate General for the State of Jharkhand.

Who is the youngest lady judge in India?

Justice M. Fathima Beevi began her journey to the Supreme Court from a small village in Kerala.

What is salary of judge in India?

Pay, Allowance and Pension

Designation Salary Pension
Judges of Supreme Court Rs.2,50,000/-p.m. Rs.15,00,000/- per annum +Dearness Relief
Chief Justices of High Court Rs.2,50,000/-p.m. Rs.15,00,000/- per annum +Dearness Relief
Judges of High Court Rs.2,25,000/-p.m. Rs.13,50,000/- per annum +Dearness Relief

How many judges sit in a High Court?

From the pioneering Five Judges, the Court now has Six-Nine(69) Judges. The Court has also grown structurally in terms of opening new Divisions in almost all the States of the Federation with Lagos state with two divisions having regard to the volume of cases filed there as the (Commercial Capital) of Nigeria.