How do you measure flexibility test?

How do you measure flexibility test?

You need a tape measure or ruler and an assistant.

  1. Stand and raise your right arm above your head.
  2. Place your left arm behind your back with your palm facing out and your fingers upward.
  3. Have someone measure the distance between the ends of your middle fingers.
  4. Do the test two more times and record your best reading.

Which test is used for assessing flexibility?

Sit-and-reach and other similar tests that require a person to flex the hip to touch the toes are the most common field tests of flexibility.

What is the average flexibility test?

The sit and reach test is used to measure a clients flexibility (in particular their hamstring and lower back flexibility)….Sit and Reach Test.

Fitness category Males Females
Good 46.5 – 38.0 45.5 – 38.0
Average 37.5 – 27.0 37.5 – 29.0
Below Average 26.5 – 17.0 28.5 – 20.0
Not very flash! <17.0 <20.0

How many sit and reach can you do in 1 minute?

1 Minute Sit Up Test (Men)

Age 18-25 46-55
Excellent >49 >35
Good 44-49 29-35
Above average 39-43 25-28
Average 35-38 22-24

What are the 5 types of flexibility test?

Sit and Reach Test (general procedure and guide to variations).

  • sit & reach — Presidents Challenge version.
  • sit & reach — for the Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT).
  • sit & reach — simple version for testing at home.
  • sit & reach — backsaver version.
  • sit & reach — chair version.
  • Modified Sit and Reach.

What is the purpose of flexibility testing?

Range of motion or flexibility testing is important in determining the cause and severity of issues you may be having with joint movement. Improper flexibility can cause pain, limitations in the activities of daily living (ADL’s) and it can even cause compensation patterns that may lead to more dysfunction.

What are 3 assessments tests of flexibility?

Flexibility and balance tests

  • Sit-and-reach test.
  • Back-scratch test.
  • Lumbar stability tests (trunk extension, trunk flexion and side bridge)

What is the average sit and reach for a 17 year old?

Sit and Reach Test Norms

cm inches
excellent +17 to +27 +6.5 to +10.5
good +6 to +16 +2.5 to +6.0
average 0 to +5 0 to +2.0
fair -8 to -1 -3.0 to -0.5

What is the average sit and reach for a 18 year old?


YMCA Sit and Reach Test Norms
18-25 26-35
Excellent ≥22 ≥21
Average 16 15

What is a normal sit and reach score?

Sit and Reach Normative Data Results Table

Result Men Women
Excellent 32 – 41cm 36 – 44cm
Good 21 – 29cm 26 – 35cm
Average 15 – 20cm 16 -25cm
Fair 8 – 15cm 7 – 15cm

What is the average sit and reach for a 16 year old?

Sit and Reach Normative Data Results Table

Result Men Women
Good 21 – 29cm 26 – 35cm
Average 15 – 20cm 16 -25cm
Fair 8 – 15cm 7 – 15cm
Poor 1 – 7cm 5 – 6cm

What is the average sit and reach for a 14 year old?


Gender Excellent Average
Male >14 10.9 – 7.0
Female >15 11.9 – 7.0

What is hexagon test?

The Hexagonal Agility test is a measure of speed, agility and the ability to change direction while maintaining a sound balance (foundation). Increasing agility while maintaining speed facilitates advantages over opponents and helps to move quickly into position in order to enhance tactics and technique (skills).

What is a stork balance stand test?

The standing stork test monitors the progress of the athletes’ abilities to maintain balance in a static position. This test monitors the balance of athletes because the more balance you have as an athlete, the better you may perform on the field and the fewer injuries you are likely to sustain.

Can you get a six pack in a day?

While there’s no way to get a 6 pack overnight, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help put you on the fast track. Develop an ab workout routine with a variety of exercises, such as crunches and planks.

What is Stork balance test?

What is the baseline flexibility tester sit and reach box?

The Baseline Flexibility Tester Sit and Reach Box is ideal for: 1 Standard flexibility testing as part of initial patient evaluations 2 Tracking progress throughout a rehabilitation or fitness training regimen 3 With available modifications, this test can be used to evaluate flexibility in broad patient populations and varied… More

What is the best flexibility assessment tool for You?

The Baseline Standard Flexibility Tester Sit and Reach Box is one of the best-selling flexibility assessment tools on the market today because it is simple to use, features a sturdy design and gives accurate results.

What are the dimensions of the Sit n’reach flexibility assessment testing?

The Baseline Sit n’ Reach Trunk Flexibility Assessment Testing Box is designed for maximum durability and accuracy when taking readings. With dimensions of 30″ x 12″ x 13″” the Baseline Sit n’ Reach Trunk Flexibility Assessment Testing is compact enough to store in any T9, physical therapy clinic, hospital, school or other testing facility.

What is baseline sit and reach?

Designed to work in space conscious clinics, once assembled, the standard Baseline Sit and Reach box was designed to take up the least amount of floor-space possible without sacrificing accurate results.