How do I listen to BFBS?

How do I listen to BFBS?

How to listen

  1. On a FM/AM or DAB radio. BFBS Radio broadcasts on FM/AM and DAB+ in the UK and on FM in many locations around the word.
  2. On your mobile device.
  3. Listen online.
  4. On your TV.
  5. On your smart speaker.

What radio station is BFBS?

BFBS – UK live – 89.3-107.0 MHz FM, London, United Kingdom | Online Radio Box.

What is BFBS UK radio?

The British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) provides radio and television programmes for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, and their dependents worldwide. Editorial control is independent of the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces themselves.

Where is BFBS broadcast from?

With studios in Nepal, Brunei and the UK, BFBS Gurkha Radio opened in 2011, offering its own bespoke Nepali news service. Also that year, we broadcast live from its new studio in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. And 2011 was the year that BFBS Radio broadcast to the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK).

How can I listen to the military radio?

Armed Forces Radio | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What frequency is BFBS in Cyprus?

Radio. Listen to BFBS Radio on 97.1FM in Akrotiri, 91.7 FM in Ayios Nikolaos, 91.7 FM in Nicosia (UNPA) and 99.6 FM in Dhekelia (Richmond).

Can you watch BFBS in the UK?

The best of UK TV You can stream from your mobile, tablet or laptop or connected TV devices (Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, Google TV and Roku). You will just need your Defence Gateway login details and a good internet connection required.

Is BFBS a charity?

BFBS is a registered charity and has been a pioneer in armed forces broadcasting and communications for over 75 years, bringing the best of UK TV, sport and music to the forces family worldwide.

Does Armed Forces radio still exist?

The American Forces Network (AFN) is a government television and radio broadcast service the U.S. military provides to those stationed or assigned overseas….American Forces Network.

Founded 26 May 1942 (as the Armed Forces Radio Service)
Products Television, Radio
Owner Independent (1942–1980) United States Armed Forces (1942–present)

What frequency is Armed Forces radio?

AFN Radio Frequency Changes. On January 19, 2017, AFN Wiesbaden moved up the dial from 98.7FM to 103.7FM.

Is there DAB radio in Cyprus?

Re: DAB radio There are no DAB radio stations out here. Save your money.

Does Cyprus have DAB?

In March 2021, the Department of Electronic Communications launched a tender for the Development of a Study on the Operation of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) in Cyprus, with a view to develop the regulatory and technical framework, which will be used for the subsequent authorisation of the individual right of use …

Can veterans use BFBS?

BFBS Academy offers accredited courses specifically designed to upskill veterans and service leavers, as well as military spouses and partners. Additionally, the Academy offers serving military an ELCAS funded course in Photography which is fully accredited.

What satellite does BFBS use?

There are a number of different systems employed to delivery BFBS TV and Welfare services under the ABS2 satellite.

Why is it called Forces TV?

A new television channel all about the armed forces has been launched. The factual channel, Forces TV, focuses on the work of the armed forces and the world of defence.

Does military use ham radio?

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is a Defense Department-sponsored civilian auxiliary of amateur radio operators that actively supports military operations. Notably, military aircrews remain capable of using MARS phone patches through high frequency radios when satellite communications are unavailable.

Is AFN going away?

On September 26, 2020, the U.S. Army will discontinue providing AFN television broadcasts via the on-post cable television network at all military installations in Germany. At that time, on-post residents will not be able to receive AFN channels by simply plugging a television set into a cable TV outlet.

What are the military air frequencies?

Spectrum Engineering & Policy – Radio Frequency Bands Supporting Aviation

Frequency Band Name
118 – 137 MHz VHF Air / Ground Communications
138 – 150.8 & 162 – 174 MHz Fixed, Mobil
225 – 328.6 & 335.4 – 400 MHz UHF Air / Ground Communications (U.S. Military)
328.6 – 335.4 MHz ILS Glide Slope

What is Mix FM frequency?

94.5 FM
Related stations MIX FM is a Malaysian national radio station managed by Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd, broadcast at frequency 94.5 FM in Kuala Lumpur.

Is BFBS TV free?

So, with 40+ channels live and on-demand, you’ll never have to miss a live match, your favourite movie or TV show again (and it’s free!). It’s easy to set up and our team are here to help if you need it.

How can I watch Forces TV?

To view this channel through an aerial on a Freeview TV, you’ll need a Freeview HD or Freeview Play TV/set-top box, an appropriate aerial set-up and for the channel to be available in your area. Channel reception also subject to your equipment, location and coverage. See more on aerial set-ups.

How do I reset my BFBS box?

Press Menu on the BFBS Satellite Receiver remote control to access the menu shown below. Press the Down button to highlight Settings and then press OK….Press Down to the Transponder frequency and select the correct one as follows:

  1. 11221 for Europe, Middle East and Afghanistan.
  2. 3920 for Americas.
  3. 3798 for Africa.

Is forces TV still available?

And don’t worry Forces TV will still be available on Sky (264), Freesat (165) and Virgin Media (277).

Can you pick up CB on a ham radio?

Can a Ham Radio Talk to a CB Radio? The short and quick answer to whether you can talk to CB radio with your ham radio is: Yes, you can. CB radios operate in the HF range on the 11m band. Ham radios can communicate in the HF range on the 10m and 12m band, both of which are pretty close to the citizen’s band.

Can I listen to military frequencies?

You couldn’t legally transmit on virtually any of those, but you could listen to them all no problem. The only exception being the amateur hurricane watch net. So these would all be a means of intelligence gathering using an HF ham radio.