How do I contact the Secretary of State Montana?

How do I contact the Secretary of State Montana?

General Contact Contact our main office and Secretary Jacobsen’s staff: Montana Capitol Building, Rm 260 | P.O. Box 202801 Helena, MT 59620-2801 | Phone: 406-444-2034 | Web Form.

Does Montana have a Secretary of State?

Montana Secretary of State – Christi Jacobsen – Business, Elections, Voter, Notary & Other Services. The official Website for Christi Jacobsen and the Montana Secretary State’s Office.

Do I have to register my business in Montana?

Domestic and foreign corporations are required to register and file an Annual Report with the Secretary of State’s Office. There are several types of corporations; some operate for profit and others are not for profit.

How do I file an annual report in Montana?

Step 1: Go to, and click on the red banner. Step 2: PLEASE READ THE ATTENTION LINE, Click on “File Online Annual Report Now”. Step 3: Click on Login with E-Pass Montana. Step 4: If you do not have an E-Pass account, you will need to create an account.

Where do you mail Montana state taxes?

Department of Revenue

Mitchell Building 125 N. Roberts P.O. Box 5805 Helena, MT 59604-5805 444-6900
For questions relating to the tax types below, please contact our main Call Center number above, or send a fax to the corresponding number.
Individual Income Tax FAX 444-4091 or 444-0750
Property Assessment FAX 444-9383

What is Montana’s state number?

41st state
By 1889, when Montana became the 41st state of the union, the cattle drive was an institution, and the state had begun to emerge as one of the country’s leading copper-mining centres.

What does the Secretary of State for Montana do?

Maintaining the official records of the executive branch and the acts of the legislature. Reviewing, maintaining, and distributing public-interest records of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Filing administrative rules adopted by state departments, boards, and agencies.

Who is current US Secretary of State?

Antony Blinken

United States Secretary of State
Flag of the Secretary of State
Incumbent Antony Blinken since January 26, 2021
United States Department of State
Style Mr. Secretary (informal) The Honorable (formal) His Excellency (diplomatic)

Does a sole proprietor need a business license in Montana?

If you plan to start a sole proprietorship and you are not planning to do business under your own name, you must Register an Assumed Business Name with the Secretary of State’s Office. Otherwise, no registration is required. You must obtain any necessary state and local business licenses.

Can I be my own registered agent in Montana?

An entity registered with the Secretary of State as a registered agent must maintain an active good standing status and an address within the State of Montana whether as a Commercial or Noncommercial Registered Agent. A business entity cannot serve as its own registered agent.

How do I form an LLC in Montana?

How to Start an LLC in Montana

  1. Choose a Name for Your LLC.
  2. Appoint a Registered Agent.
  3. File Articles of Organization.
  4. Prepare an Operating Agreement.
  5. Obtain an EIN.
  6. File Annual Reports.

How do I pay my Montana state tax?

Payment Options Make payments online using the TransAction Portal. You can request a payment plan for making tax payments through TAP. Requesting a payment plan requires you to be logged in. Learn more about Requesting a payment plan.

Where do I mail my Montana w2?

If you still want to paper file W-2, complete W-2 & MW-3 and mail them to the following address. Montana Department of Revenue, PO Box 5835, Helena, MT 59604-5835.

Why is Montana population so low?

Historically, Montana was settled by homesteaders on large tracts of land that were divided among families. This population spread contributes to the low density of people here as well as the main economic activity, agriculture. Huge swaths of land are needed to cultivate cereal grain and raise cattle.

What is the racial makeup of Montana?

Montana population in 2022 is expected to be 1.14 million and 43rd populous state and eighth least populous in the US. Its area is 147,040 square miles (380,800 sq km), fourth largest by area rank….Montana Population by Race.

Task Race
Black or African American 4,438
Hispanic or Latino 36,626
Asian 7,448
NHPI 571

What can the Secretary of State do?

The Secretary of State, appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate, is the President’s chief foreign affairs adviser. The Secretary carries out the President’s foreign policies through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States.

How do I contact the State Department?

U.S. Department of State

  1. Acronym: DOS.
  2. Website: Department of State (DOS)
  3. Contact: Contact the Department of State.
  4. Local Offices: Foreign Embassies in the United States.
  5. Main Address: 2201 C St., NW.
  6. Phone Number: 1-202-647-4000.
  7. TTY: 1-800-877-8339 (Federal Relay Service)
  8. Forms: U.S. Department of State Form Finder.

Where is the Department of State located?

Washington, D.C.
The department is headquartered in the Harry S Truman Building, a few blocks from the White House, in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C.; “Foggy Bottom” is thus sometimes used as a metonym.

Can you use a PO box for an LLC Montana?

Your Registered Agent must have a street address in Montana (PO Boxes are not allowed). Your Montana Registered Agent must also be available during normal business hours (9am – 5pm) in case Service of Process arrives.

Can you use a PO Box for a LLC in Montana?

Montana Registered Agent Duties A Montana registered agent is required to maintain a registered office within the state (a physical street location, not a PO box).

How much is a registered agent in Montana?

However, after considering the registered agent requirements most business owners elect to hire a registered agent service instead. Why? Well although being your own registered agent will cost you $0, an Montana registered agent’s name and address becomes part of the public record.

How long does it take to set up an LLC in Montana?

You can get an LLC in Montana in 7-10 business days. If you need your Montana LLC faster, you can pay for expedited processing.

How much is it to start an LLC in Montana?

The cost to start a Montana limited liability company (LLC) is $70. This fee is paid to the Montana Secretary of State when filing the LLC’s Articles of Organization. Use our free Form an LLC in Montana guide to do it yourself.

Where do I mail my Montana state taxes?

Where do I mail my federal tax return if I live in Montana?

If you live in MONTANA …

and you are filing a Form … and you ARE NOT ENCLOSING A PAYMENT, then use this address …
1040 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Ogden, UT 84201-0002
1040-ES N/A
1040-ES(NR) N/A
1040V N/A