Does iLok cost money?

Does iLok cost money?

This means that as long as your computer can connect to the iLok server for authentication, the license can keep you up and running without any additional hardware connected to your computer. This solution is completely FREE.

How do I get an iLok USB?

If you prefer the iLok USB device authorization, an iLok device can be purchased directly at or – if you want to purchase from outside the USA – here. Additionally, you can get an iLok device from any music or audio software retailer.

Do I need an iLok USB?

If you have products that use the old-style PACE license cards, you will need to use the original iLok USB Key. * An iLok is not required to use with Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate, Avid VENUE, and all “retail” Avid and third-party audio plugins.

Do I need iLok 3?

This means that there should be no need to have to buy an iLok3 for software compatibility, as there are no relevant design changes with the iLok3, unlike the changes from the original iLoks to the iLok2, where a number of brands licenses were no longer compatible with the original iLoks, because of license format …

Is iLok cloud free?

Don’t worry, this iLok system is FREE, easy to use and very common in the audio industry. It just requires a little bit of setup AND a working internet connection. This iLok system will allows you to deposit a unique demo or perpetual license to use our plug-ins on your computer.

How do I download Pro Tools without iLok?

Without an iLok dongle, you need to authourize to the cloud (cloud-based licensing) through the iLok license manager software. And then you can use it today without any wait. And then you need to maintain an internet connection while using Pro Tools at all times (that’s how the cloud licensing works).

How do I activate Pro Tools without iLok USB?

Using the iLok Cloud licenses without a physical license key is called a “Cloud Session.” When you start up Pro Tools without an iLok dongle inserted, you will be presented with a screen with the options to “Quit” or “Activate”. Select “Activate”, and follow the log in instructions on the screen that follows.

How does iLok USB work?

iLok Definition Having an iLok USB allows you to carry your software licenses on a physical drive between a studio, your home and any other location you may be using iZotope software. iLok is an optional authorization method with all iZotope software, Cloud and Computer license locations aren’t currently supported.

Can I activate Pro Tools without iLok?

Do I need a physical iLok?

A: In order to use a license with iLok Cloud it needs to be in the iLok Account and not on a physical iLok or computer (i.e. machine-based licensing). Any licenses on physical iLoks or computers will continue to work normally regardless of any iLok Cloud Sessions that may be occurring simultaneously.

Does Pro Tools need a dongle?

Once you log into your iLok account, an iLok Cloud session will start and Pro Tools will run without a physical dongle until the iLok Cloud session is closed through the iLok License Manager. You now can use your licenses from whichever machine you begin a “cloud session” on.

What’s an iLok USB?

iLok Definition iLok is a separate software that manages authorizations. Having an iLok USB allows you to carry your software licenses on a physical drive between a studio, your home and any other location you may be using iZotope software.

Can I have two Iloks?

You can have as many iloks as you like all on the same account? In fact you must have them all associated with the same account to be ale to use them best!

How do I get a free Pro Tools license?

  1. Go to and click the Pro Tools from the left panel of the website.
  2. From the Pro Tools page, click Pro Tools | Ultimate.
  3. From the upper right corner of the same page click Free trial, to go to the trial page.

How do I install Pro Tools without iLok?

How many licenses can be on iLok?

How many licenses can an iLok hold? An iLok can theoretically hold 120 licenses but one slot needs to be empty for temporary use during authorization so the limit is actually 119.

Is Pro Tools still free?

Even if you use another DAW, it makes sense to have a working knowledge of Pro Tools and the good news is that you can with Pro Tools First – the free version of Pro Tools from Avid.

Can I use iLok on two computers?

Yes, you can use an iLok, and iLok License Manager to move your license between different computers. If you plan to be moving between studios or computers regularly, we recommend purchasing an iLok dongle and moving your license onto it.

Is there a USB C iLok?

Yes, 3rd generation iLok devices are now available in both USB-A and USB-C versions.