Can you buy an ICON A5?

Can you buy an ICON A5?

The ICON A5 Limited Edition (S-LSA) is available now for delivery in the USA. The ICON A5 Certified Edition (Type Certified) is expected to be available Q4 2022. Sign Purchase Agreement with down payment.

How much does a new ICON A5 cost?

A fully equipped 2018 model will set you back around $296,000, while the ICON A5 Limited Edition (S-LSA) starts at $359,000 for delivery in the US.

Can I rent an ICON A5?

Non-position holders pay a $500 initiation fee, $50 dues for insurance coverage, $300 per hour for the aircraft and can schedule the rental up to 30 days in advance. For as action-packed and glamorous as flying an A5 seaplane may seem to aviation outsiders, insiders understand the risk—seaplane flying is edgy stuff.

Do you need a pilot’s license to fly an ICON A5?

The ICON A5 is a sexy new ultra-light amphibious sport aircraft that requires only a sport airplane license instead of the full private pilot license to fly. This is due to the shorter range of only 435 miles and top speed of 130 miles an hour.

How much does an amphibious plane cost?

The A5 is a carbon-fiber seaplane that only costs $250,000. (Price is relative, granted, but we’re talking about a plane here.) You can learn how to operate it in less time than it takes to binge-watch two seasons of House of Cards. It is amphibious, taking off and landing from both land and water.

How many ICON A5 are there?

As of 2019, 100 A5s had been delivered. The aircraft is known for having brought significant excitement and publicity to the LSA industry since its unveiling in 2008, although company legal and financial issues have slowed production over the last six years….ICON A5.

Number built 100 (as of July 2019)

How much does an ICON A5 seaplane cost?

Built to be safe, easy to fly and with an interior that looks remarkably like the inside of a modern car. All this comes at a hefty price tag, the ICON A5 costs 269,000 USD; however, for the fully equipped version the price is 389,000 USD. The ICON A5 runs on 91 octane car fuel or 100LL aviation fuel.

Can the Icon A5 land on land?

Yes. The A5 is amphibious, so it can land and takeoff from either water or land due to the boat hull design and retractable landing gear.

Does the Icon A5 have a parachute?

Even if you do encounter a catastrophic emergency while piloting the Icon A5, the plane has a huge parachute onboard that is actually big enough to support the weight of the entire aircraft.

Can you fly Icon A5 at night?

Can the A5 be flown at night? FAA regulations do allow for a Private Pilot to fly an LSA at night, if properly equipped. With the night lighting package, the A5 is legal for night VFR flight operations.

How long can you fly the Icon A5?

The A5 can fly or cruise at a maximum speed of 105k. Its maximum take-off weight is 1,430lb. The take-off and landing distance of the plane is 750ft and its range is 300 nautical miles. The fuel tank can store 20gal.

Is the ICON A5 still in production?

The ICON A5 is an American amphibious light-sport aircraft (LSA) designed and produced by ICON Aircraft….ICON A5.

Status In production
Produced 2016–present
Number built 100 (as of July 2019)

Can the ICON A5 land on land?

Can ICON A5 fly at night?

Can you drive an ICON A5 on the road?

Yes. The A5 is a lightweight aircraft that requires very little runway surface to operate.

Does the ICON A5 have a parachute?