Who has the most non offensive touchdowns in NFL history?

Who has the most non offensive touchdowns in NFL history?

Devin Hester

Player N-OTD Tm
Devin Hester 20 4TM
Deion Sanders+ 19 5TM
Rod Woodson+ 17 4TM
Ronde Barber 14 tam

Has there ever been a 2 way player in the NFL?

Patrick Ricard is an example of a recent two-way player in the NFL, playing both as a fullback and a defensive lineman in 2017. At the college level, some players do play on both sides of the ball, especially the more “electric” athletes.

Who most defensive TDS?

Rod Woodson
Interpreted as:

Rod Woodson 238 1
Charles Woodson 254 2
Darren Sharper 205 2
Aqib Talib 148 0

Who was the last 2 way player in the NFL?

He has been ranked one of the hardest hitting tacklers in NFL history and was one of the league’s last two-way players. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S. Richland, Pennsylvania, U.S….Chuck Bednarik.

Games played: 169
Unit Eighth Air Force
Battles/wars World War II

Who has the most Pick 6?

Bret Favre
For an NFL Career, Bret Favre is the current record holder at 31 career pick-sixes thrown. Matthew Stafford is the current active quarterback record hold at 26 career pick-sixes thrown, which is currently sixth overall in NFL quarterback history.

Has a quarterback ever completed every pass in a game?

Put it this way: The only quarterback ever to complete every pass in a game while throwing at least 10 passes was Kurt Warner, who went 10-of-10 for 115 yards and a touchdown against the Houston Texans in 2005.

Has anyone played 3 professional sports?

Dave Winfield – drafted by four professional teams in three different sports – basketball, baseball and American football, before deciding to concentrate on his baseball career. Played baseball and basketball for the University of Minnesota.

Has an NFL quarterback ever played defense?

Sammy Baugh The Hall of Famer excelled at quarterback as well as defensive back and punter. Baugh was the sixth overall pick in the 1937 draft, as he went onto win two NFL Player of the Year awards while being a member of the 1940’s All-Decade Team. Baugh retired in 1952 with a solid 72.2 quarterback rating.

What is the most pick-sixes in a game?

Inside two minutes to play, strong safety Kenny Easley picked him off and covered 58 yards for the record-setting interception return. Nine times, a NFL team has recorded three pick-sixes in the same game.

Has an NFL player ever played offense and defense?

Randy Moss was explosive as a wide receiver, but he also made plays on special teams & defense. Moss was selected 21st overall in 1998 NFL Draft by the Vikings.

Has Tom Brady thrown a pick 6?

Tom Brady throws a 3 yard PICK SIX – YouTube.

Can a QB throw a pass to himself?

Players can throw backward passes as many times as they want. As for a forward pass, yes – once and as long as the quarterback is wearing an eligible number (in high school and college). In the NFL, the thrower cannot legally catch his own pass until it is touched by another player.

What is the lowest QB rating ever?

In the National Football League, the lowest official passer rating that a quarterback can achieve is 0.0….List of NFL quarterbacks who have posted a passer rating of zero.

Quarterback Gary Keithley
ATT 20
YDS 30

Has anyone played in NFL and NBA?

Just think of some iconic names like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Danny Ainge, and others who successfully competed in two sports at the highest level. But most of those connections are related between basketball and baseball or football and baseball. Only two players in history managed to play in the NBA and the NFL.

Who is the greatest athlete of all time?

Greatest Athletes of All Time

  • 8) Babe Ruth.
  • 7) Deion Sanders.
  • 6) Pele.
  • 5) Michael Jordan.
  • 4) Muhammad Ali.
  • 3) Jim Thorpe.
  • 2) Bo Jackson.
  • 1) Jim Brown. In high school, he earned 13 letters playing five sports: football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and track.

Can coaches talk to QB during play?

Can Coaches Talk to the QB During a Play? Coaches can communicate with a quarterback between each play and up to fifteen seconds before the clock runs down. Typically speaking, NFL teams have a playbook in mind when going on the field for offense, so the communication tends to build off that strategy.

What QB holds the most records?

Brett Favre holds almost every single NFL passing record, including attempts, completions, yards, and touchdown passes.

What is the shortest position in football?

The offensive linemen are the tallest professional football players in the lineup. The running backs are the shortest NFL players on the roster.

Is there a QB with no interceptions?

Carson Wentz can be the first QB ever to start a full season without throwing a road interception.

Has any QB gone whole season without interception?

In 2016, Brian Hoyer set the record for most pass attempts in a season without an interception, with an even 200.

Who holds the record for most passes without an interception?

Stephen McGee has the most career passing attempts when throwing exactly 0 interceptions, with 82 attempts.