Which technology is used in third generation language?

Which technology is used in third generation language?

Integrated Circuits
Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Integrated Circuits. The third-generation period in computing was from 1965-1971. Integrated circuits (ICs) have been used in third-generation computers instead of transistors.

What are the different advantages and disadvantages of third-generation programming languages?

Advantages of Third Generation Computer

  • Smaller in size as compared to previous generations.
  • More reliable.
  • Used less energy.
  • Produced less heat as compared to the previous two generations of computers. (
  • Better speed and could calculate data in nanoseconds.
  • Used fan for head discharge to prevent damage.

What is the use of third generation language?

3GLs are called procedural languages or high level languages. They are easier to understand because they resemble our own English language more than 1GLs and 2GLs. However, specific training is still required to program in these languages. Some examples of 3GLs are BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, C, C++, Perl and Ada.

What technology did third generation computers use?

integrated circuits
Third generation computers were computers that emerged due to the development of the integrated circuit (IC). They were the first steps toward computers as we know them today. Their main feature was the use of integrated circuits, which allowed them to be shrunk down to be as small as large toasters.

What are the importance features of the III generation computers?

Characteristics of third generation computers include: Integrated circuits instead of individual transistors. Smaller, cheaper, more efficient and faster than second generation computers. High-level programming languages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of programming languages?


  • Translation free: Machine language is the only language which the computer understands.
  • High speed. The machine language program is translation free.
  • Machine dependent.
  • Hard to learn.
  • Compiler:
  • Interpreter.
  • Readability.
  • Machine independent.

What are the important features of third generation computer?

The third generation computer used a keyboard, mouse, and joystick as the input devices. High-level programming languages such as FORTRAN, COBOL, and BASIC were used. These generation computers are faster compared to their counterparts. Multiprogramming and multitasking were used.

What are the disadvantages of third generation language?

Disadvantages: 1. Less efficient than assembler language programs and require a greater amount of computer time for translation into machine instructions.

What is the third generation?

Persons in the third generation are those who have both U.S.-born parents, but one or more foreign-born grandparents. For these persons ethnicity is primarily determined by the maternal grandmother’s country of birth.

Which technology is used in generation computer?

Classification of generations of computers

Generations of computers Generations timeline Evolving hardware
First generation 1940s-1950s Vacuum tube based
Second generation 1950s-1960s Transistor based
Third generation 1960s-1970s Integrated circuit based
Fourth generation 1970s-present Microprocessor based

What is generation of Computer explain major features with technology used in them?

Generation in computer terminology is a change in technology a computer is/was being used. Initially, the generation term was used to distinguish between varying hardware technologies….Computer – Generations.

S.No Generation & Description
1 First Generation The period of first generation: 1946-1959. Vacuum tube based.

What is the main component used in third generation computer?

Integrated circuits (ICs)
Solution: The third generation of computers used Integrated circuits (ICs) in place of transistors.

What are advantages of programming language?

Programming languages allow simple creation and editing in a variety of text editors, They help you add dynamic and interactive activities to the web pages, You can edit and run the code very fast, You will get better at coding/programming over time, They help you perform the complex tasks in relatively few steps, and …

What is the main advantage of programming language?

Sharpen Your Problem Solving Skills. Learning a programming language involves conceptualising problems at a multitude of different levels. You’ll learn to take a broader, high-level problem and break it down into smaller chunks that can be solved via programming.

What is the main improvement in the third generation computer?

This development made computers smaller in size, reliable, and efficient. In this generation remote processing, time-sharing, multiprogramming operating system were used. High-level languages (FORTRAN-II TO IV, COBOL, PASCAL PL/1, BASIC, ALGOL-68 etc.) were used during this generation.

What are the examples of third generation?

During the third generation, the computer has a large storage capacity than the previous generations. These computers have magnetic storage. Some examples of third generation computer are IBM 370, PDP-11, IBM System/360, UNIVAC 1108, Honeywell-6000, DEC series, and ICL 2900.

What are the limitations of third generation computer?

The disadvantages of third generation computers are as follow :1. Air conditioning is required in many cases. 2. The highly sophisticated technology required for the manufacturing of IC chips.

What are the features of 3rd generation?

Characteristics of Third Generation of Computers

  • Use of Integrated Circuits (IC) instead of transistors.
  • Use of Semi-conductor memory.
  • Small size than previous generation computers.
  • Use of magnetic storage devices.
  • Improved faster operations and more dependable output.
  • Use of mini computers.
  • Use of monitors and line printers.

What was the main feature of 3rd generation?

What is technology of the third-generation computer?

The computers of third generation used Integrated Circuits (ICs) in place of transistors. A single IC has many transistors, resistors, and capacitors along with the associated circuitry. The IC was invented by Jack Kilby. This development made computers smaller in size, reliable, and efficient.

What are the features of 3rd generation computers?

What is the third generation of computer?

What is third generation?

What are the types of programming language with advantages and disadvantages?

Machine Language

Advantages Disadvantages
Machine language makes fast and efficient use of the computer. All operation codes have to be remembered
It requires no translator to translate the code. It is directly understood by the computer. All memory addresses have to be remembered.

What are the important features of III generation of computer?