Which is best delay spray in Pakistan?

Which is best delay spray in Pakistan?


  • Viga 1 Million Extra Strong Delay Spray 45ml (21)
  • Viga 100000 Long Delay Spray For Men 45ML(7)
  • Viga 200000 Long Time Delay Spray For Men 45ML.
  • Viga 240000 Long Time Spray For Men 45 ML.
  • Viga 50000 Extra Strong Delay Spray For Men 45 ML.
  • Viga 500000 Long Time Delay Spray For Men 35ML (7)

Which spray is best for long lasting for men?

Buy delay spray for men online in India

  • Manforce Staylong Gel Pack of 2 – 8g Each – 6 to 8 Minutes delay.
  • Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 – 10g Each – Extended Pleasure for …
  • Stud 5000 Delay Spray for Men – 20 g.
  • Kamasutra Longlast Spray.
  • Long Drive Delay Spray 20gm – Play longer spray.

Is there a spray for longer in bed?

Yes it works! K-Y Duration Spray for Men is an endurance enhancer which, when sprayed on, helps you last longer so that you can have more control and stay in the moment! It desensitizes the nerves that affect sexual sensitivity, while still allowing for a pleasurable sexual experience.

How do you use long last spray?

How to Use: Apply 3 times, do not exceed 10, to the head and shaft of the penis 15 minutes before intercourse, or as directed by the doctor. Wash the area after intercourse.

Which is best delay spray or Viagra?

Viagra is used for erectile dysfunction whereas delay sprays are used to treat premature ejaculation. Though there are no negative results against using them together, it is suggested to use one product at a time. As they are two different products that contain different ingredients, it is safe to use one at a time.

Which is better viagra or spray?

Which is better Viagra or spray?

Does delay spray affect the woman?

Delay sprays can help men last longer up to 65% more, adding three to four minutes to their sexual experience. – Women take at least 18 minutes in bed; therefore, using delay spray can make a good experience for women too. – You should always use the minimum amount that is effective for you.

Is delay spray harmful?

Too much delay spray can cause temporary sensitivity loss and possibly the loss of an erection for a short period of time. Like with all lidocaine and benzocaine products the side effects are typically mild but can include: Skin irritation. Tingling.

How do you use last long spray?

What is Viagra Spray?

Vigore Spray is used to treat erectile dysfunction (inability to maintain erection for intercourse) in men. It relaxes the blood vessels in the penis, thereby increasing blood flow on sexual stimulation. This helps to achieve and maintain a hard, erect penis suitable for sexual activity. MRP ₹170. Notify me.