What does nuts and bolts refer to?

What does nuts and bolts refer to?

Definition of nuts and bolts 1 : the working parts or elements. 2 : the practical workings of a machine or enterprise as opposed to theoretical considerations or speculative possibilities.

What do you mean by nuts in slang?

nuts. / (nʌts) / adjective. a slang word for insane.

What does it mean to nut in a guy?

You already know what it means, but let’s go ahead and lay it all out on the table: To nut is to ejaculate, to experience orgasm, to come, to—if you will—”shoot” a “load” (of semen).

Where does the phrase Ah nuts come from?

“crazy, not right in the head,” 1846, from earlier colloquial or slang be nuts on “be very fond of” (1785), which is possibly from nuts (plural noun) “any source of pleasure or delight” (1610s), from nut (q.v.). Nuts as a special treat or favorite foodstuff led to other figurative phrases, now obsolete.

What does bits and bobs mean?

Definition of bits and bobs British. : things or objects of different kinds There are just a few bits and bobs of furniture in the office. No one knows exactly what happened. All we have is a few bits and bobs of information so far.

What does bell and whistle mean?

Definition of bells and whistles : items or features that are useful or decorative but not essential : frills.

Is saying nuts offensive?

(1) The word “nuts” when used to characterize a person as crazy is acceptable. In other words, the expressions, “You’re nuts”; “He’s nuts”; or “He’s a nut” may be used. (2) The use of the word “nuts” as an exclamation should not be used, as in the case of “Aw, nuts”, or “Nuts to you”, etc.

Why does nuts mean crazy?

Coming later is the idea of nuts as crazy; that use was first seen in 1908, in a newspaper comic strip called Mutt and Jeff. To be “off one’s nut” meant to be separated from your head, and thus your senses. That eventually was shortened to the current use, in which someone can simply be “nuts.”

Why are balls called nuts?

Testicles hold sperm, or “seeds,” that metaphorically grow monsters—I mean, children—and nuts are seeds. In Spanish, they’re referred to as “huevos” or eggs, for similar reasons. Some nuts come in pairs, such as peanuts, and there’re two testies per sac.

What does it mean when a guy pops a nut?

The term bust a nut implies that something explosive is going on with one’s testicles—metaphorically, we hope. Originally, to bust a nut meant “to ejaculate” but also”to work hard,” perhaps a variation of a similar expression bust your conk, meaning “to work hard at a task.”

Is saying nut House offensive?

nuthouse. old-fashioned slang A derogatory and offensive term for a psychiatric hospital or insane asylum.

What does the phrase black sheep mean?

Definition of black sheep : a disfavored or disreputable member of a group.

What is the meaning of black ox?

bad luck
Definition of black ox 1 : bad luck. 2 : old age the black ox has trod on his foot.

What is gone belly up?

Definition of go belly-up informal. : to fail completely The team went belly-up in the play-offs. The business went belly-up during the long recession.

What does belts and braces mean?

be extra careful about
UK informal. the use of two or more actions in order to be extra careful about something, although only one is really necessary: I wrote to them and phoned as well – belt and braces, I admit. Cautious and vigilant.

Why is a crazy person called nuts?

The noun form “nut,” meaning “crazy person,” may have a different history. By the mid-1800s, nut was slang for head. If someone said you were “off your nut,” that would mean you were crazy. Psychologist Timothy Anderson points out that many recent euphemisms for insanity have sexual connotations.

What does bananas mean in slang?

crazy; deranged
adjective Slang. crazy; deranged: All that chatter is driving me bananas. wildly enthusiastic: The crowd went bananas when the music began.

Why do guys have a line on their balls?

ANSWER. It’s called the Scrotal Raphe and is a “scar” that is from our time in the womb. It’s formed during the development of the genitals, called the Urogenital Folds and is the resulting line you see.

Why do we say oh nuts?

Etymology Online contends that nuts was influenced by the metaphoric application of nut to refer to one’s head. To be off one’s nut dates from 1861 as an expression for “to be insane”. Similarly, one could say “to be out of mind” or “to be out of one’s head”.

What’s a nut room?

The Nut Room is where Willy Wonka has squirrels sort the good nuts that go into candy and the bad nuts that goes down the garbage chute which leads to the trash compactor which is lit when full. The book describes it as a large room with a wooden table covered in nuts that they continuously shell.

What does a cat and dog life mean?

Idiom : Cat-and-dog life Meaning : This term refers to a life in which partners are constantly or frequently quarrelling. Usage : They lead a cat-and-dog life.

What is the meaning of the idiom a broken reed?

Definition of broken reed : something or someone that fails when relied on for support or help.

What does it mean to give someone the AXE?

to dismiss
Definition of give (someone) the ax informal. : to dismiss (someone) from a job : to fire (someone) His boss gave him the ax.

What means save the day?

Definition of save the day : to make a bad situation end successfully Just when things looked hopeless, my brother came along and saved the day.