What are the names of the late night talk hosts?

What are the names of the late night talk hosts?

Late Night is an American late-night talk and variety show airing on NBC since 1982. Four men have hosted Late Night: David Letterman (1982–1993), Conan O’Brien (1993–2009), Jimmy Fallon (2009–2014), and Seth Meyers (2014–present).

Who’s the most popular late night host?

Even though it’s now been 30 years since Carson’s last show, Johnny Carson is still considered by many to be the best late-night talk show host of all time.

What is the names of the late night shows?

Late Night Talk Shows (U.S.)

  • Late Show with David Letterman (1993–2015)
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992–2014)
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! (
  • The Colbert Report (2005–2014)
  • Real Time with Bill Maher (2003– )
  • Chelsea Lately (2007–2014)
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005–2015)
  • Last Call with Carson Daly (2002–2019)

Who were the hosts of The Late Late Show?

The Late Late Show is an American late-night television talk and variety comedy show on CBS. It first aired in January 1995, with host Tom Snyder, who was followed by Craig Kilborn, Craig Ferguson, and current host James Corden. The show originates from Television City in Los Angeles.

Who is a famous talk show host?

Host Country Talk show(s) hosted
Andy Cohen United States Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Stephen Colbert United States The Colbert Report, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Gary Collins United States Home
Justin Lee Collins United Kingdom The Justin Lee Collins Show

Who is the most famous talk show host?


  1. Graham Norton. Graham Norton is late night talk show perfection: an absolute Irish legend.
  2. Oprah.
  3. Stephen Colbert.
  4. Trevor Noah.
  5. Hasan Minhaj.
  6. Tyra Banks.
  7. Conan O’Brien.
  8. James Cordon.

Which host is the true king of late night?

When Conan O’Brien recently closed out his TBS show for the last time, there was an outpouring of support for the host and for good reason. He was and is an icon of the medium, proving himself to be the unabashed king of late night.

Who was the first late-night host?

The first late-night television talk show was The Faye Emerson Show, hosted by actress Faye Emerson. It began airing on CBS on October 24, 1949, in local East Coast markets before the network moved the 15-minute show, which regularly aired up to 11pm, nationwide in March 1950.

Who was first late-night host?

Who did Jimmy Fallon replace?

Jay Leno
In 2013, Fallon was selected by NBC to succeed a retiring Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show. The final episode of Late Night under Fallon aired one night after Leno’s final episode of The Tonight Show on February 6, 2014.

Who did Conan replace?

David Letterman
Conan O’Brien reflects on replacing David Letterman: ‘I still think it is impossible’ Since he bid adieu after 28 years as a late-night TV host this past June, people have been stopping Conan O’Brien on the streets telling him “’Well, congratulations on your retirement.

Who was the first host of the late night show?

Who is the greatest talk show host ever?

9 Best Late Night Talk Show Hosts of All Time

  • Jon Stewart.
  • Arsenio Hall.
  • John Oliver.
  • Johnny Carson.
  • Seth Meyers.
  • Amber Ruffin. Image via Peacock.
  • Stephen Colbert. Image via CBS/YouTube.
  • Craig Ferguson. Image via CBS.

Who is America’s favorite talk show host?

Degeneres has won the People’s Choice award for Favorite Daytime TV Host every year since 2012. While the Ellen era continues to power on, Jimmy Fallon is beginning to nip at Degeneres’ well-dressed heels. Having never made top 10 list of America’s favorite T.V.

Who is the king of late night 2021?

Johnny Carson deftly navigates the turbulent 1960s to elevate The Tonight Show and become the undisputed king of late night. Johnny Carson deftly navigates the turbulent 1960s to elevate The Tonight Show and become the undisputed king of late night.

Who is the best host in the world?

Here’s a quick recap of the top 20 richest TV-Hosts in the world:

  • Oprah Winfrey.
  • Ellen Degeneres.
  • Judy Sheindlin.
  • Dr. Phil McGraw.
  • David Letterman.
  • Jay Leno.
  • Ryan Seacrest.
  • Sean Hannity.

Who was the first talk show host?

However, the first-ever talk show aired nearly 70 years ago. The year was 1951 when most Americans were discovering television for the first time. The first-ever TV talk show host was Joe Franklin. Three years later, “The Tonight Show” made its debut with Steve Allen as the host.

How many hosts has the late show had?

The program has had six principal hosts in its history—Steve Allen (1954–57), Jack Paar (1957–62), Johnny Carson (1962–92), Jay Leno (1992–2009, 2010–14), Conan O’Brien (2009–10), and Jimmy Fallon (2014– )—as well as numerous guest hosts and sidekicks or cohosts, the most significant of whom was Ed McMahon, Carson’s …

Did Jimmy Fallon take over for Jay Leno?

“Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon took over for Jay Leno in February 2014. While Fallon promised that the show wouldn’t feel much different than “The Tonight Show” people had grown to love, he did make at least one big change. He moved “The Tonight Show” from Los Angeles and brought it back home to New York.

Who did Seth Meyers replace?

Jimmy Fallon
Seth Meyers was appointed host when Jimmy Fallon was announced to become the next host of The Tonight Show (currently The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), where he succeeded the previous host Jay Leno one week after that.

Are Conan and Leno friends?

To viewers at home, it seemed like Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien got along well, but their camaraderie dissolved in 2009 when O’Brien took over “The Tonight Show” from Leno. At the time, Leno decided to step down because he was given his own late night gig on NBC that aired after “The Tonight Show.”

Did Conan O’Brien retire?

This active streak ended with O’Brien’s retirement from late-night television in June 2021, with his entire run as a late-night host lasting almost 28 years. Conan was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in 2010.

Who were the first late night hosts?

Who are the kings of late-night?

Which Late Show has best ratings?

We believe in the free flow of information In August 2021, Fox News’ “Gutfeld!,” a late-night comedy-talk show hosted by right-wing pundit Greg Gutfeld, overtook “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in overall ratings.

Who is the funniest late night talk show host?

Conan is the most authentic late night show host, and is the funniest as well! There will never be another Conan. Guys like Fallon, Kimmel, or Ferguson are replaceable He doesn’t need to be political or doesn’t need stupid games to be funny.

Who is the bandleader of the Late Show?

GRAMMY-nominated artist Jon Batiste is the bandleader of The Late Show along with his band, “Stay Human.”. Jon is a jazz phenom and in his spare time, he can be heard playing all the jazz notes he DIDN’T play earlier.

Where did late night talk show originate?

Late Night originated from NBC Studio 6A at the RCA (later GE) Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The program ran four nights a week, Monday to Thursday, from the show’s premiere in February 1982 until May 1987.

Who is number 10 on the Late Late Show?

10 James Corden James Kimberley Corden OBE is an English actor, comedian, and television host. He hosts The Late Late Show with James Corden, a late-night television talk show on CBS.