Is the Clio 197 reliable?

Is the Clio 197 reliable?

The 197 didn’t disappoint. It used a more powerful version of the same eager 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine, which has since proved reliable with regular servicing. Standard kit included Brembo brakes, a rear diffuser and dedicated Continental tyres.

How many Clio 197 are left?

2021 2018

What engine is in the Clio 197?

The 197 is powered by the 2.0-litre engine from the previous-generation Clio 182, but despite its name, it actually delivers 194bhp: the 197 refers to power output in PS. The junior hot hatch sector is an active one, with the MINI Cooper S, Ford Fiesta ST, VW Polo GTI and Set Ibiza Cupra all providing competition.

What’s the difference between a Clio 197 and 200?

The 200 is as stiff as a 197 cup was, the 200 Cup is even stiffer. They have 3bhp more aswell. The facelift Clio had a revised rear end which included new light clusters. They moved the fog lights low into the bumper.

What year is the Clio 197?

We’ll admit that when the 182 was replaced by the 197 in 2006 we felt a slight twinge of regret, because whilst the impressive new 197 was much more grown-up, with more weight and better build quality, some of its predecessor’s tactility had been lost, in part due to the electric steering.

How much does a Clio 197 weight?


Engine In-line, 4-cyl
Transmission Six-speed manual
Weight (kerb) 1240kg
Power-to-weight 161bhp/ton
0-62mph 6.9sec (claimed)

How wide is a Clio 197?


Fuel Capacity 55 litres
Width 2025mm
Height 1484mm
Wheelbase 2585mm
Turning Circle 11m

Is my Clio 197 a cup?

Following the popularity of the Renaultsport Clio 197 it has now introduced a Cup version, which represents the ultimate hot Clio. The transformation from standard Clio to 197 Cup is dramatic, taking a tidily styled supermini and turning it into a car that doesn’t look out of place on a racetrack.

Are Renault Clios reliable?

The Clio appears to be pretty reliable, and it’s one of the safest superminis on sale. The latest Clio is the safest yet – it achieved a full five stars when tested by industry body Euro NCAP, with impressive adult, child and assistance ratings of 96%, 89% and 75% respectively.

How many miles will a Renault Clio last?

Many used Clios will have some warranty cover left, too, thanks to the substantial four-year/100,000-mile limit.

Is Renault Clio reliable?

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Are Renault Clio reliable?

Are Renault Clio engines reliable?

This generation of Clio had a reasonable reliability record, although it finished only mid-table in the small car class in the last reliability survey it featured in. Renault as a brand finished in a hugely disappointing 30th place out of 31 manufacturers.

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Is Renault Clio a good second hand car?

Why buy a used Clio? Renaults are considered to be excellent all-rounders, and the Clio is no exception. They offer a mix of superior drive, reliable engines and an excellent safety rating, and so it’s easy to see why the Clio has remained such a popular choice among all drivers.

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