Is kagerou project finished?

Is kagerou project finished?

The official website for Kadokawa ‘s Monthly Comic Gene magazine revealed on Tuesday that JIN and Mahiro Satou ‘s Kagerou Daze manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on February 15.

Who dies kagerou project?

In the Novel Route, Shintaro dies and is swallowed by the Kagerou Daze, which appears to him as a mostly empty white void, save for a TV on top of a pile of rubble. At first, he cannot remember what happened since August 14th, the day he first went out for the first time in two years.

How did Kagerou Daze End?

Marry and Shion are killed by humans, and, in an attempt to save them, Azami orders the Kagerou Daze to swallow them. Azami gives Marry the Snake of Combining Eyes to act as a surrogate life, and Marry returns to the real world.

Who does Shintaro Kisaragi end up with?

Shintaro is eventually able to reunite with Haruka after the latter returns from the Kagerou Daze and regains his body. In the manga edition of Lost Day Hour, when Haruka is interviewing the Mekakushi Dan for what, to them, defines a “friend,” the two admit that they thought of each other.

What does kagerou mean in English?

shadow dungeon
The Japanese Kagero video game series (影牢) translated as shadow dungeon, also knowns as the Deception series outside of Japan and Korea.

How old is Hibiya?


Hibiya Amamiya
Age 11
Birthday November 4th
Occupation Mekakushi Dan Member No.8
Ability Focusing Eyes Clearing Eyes (Manga)

What is the ending of Mekakucity actors?

There are two endings, basically. The Bad End (Outer Science), and the Good End (Summertime Record). Bad End: everyone, except Mary, gets killed by Kuroha (dark/black Konoha). The bad end is based on the song Outer Science.

How did Shintaro get his eyes?

Retaining Eyes (目に焼き付ける Me ni Yakitsukeru): Shintaro’s eye ability, given to him by Marry after promising long ago to “never forget this Tragedy”, allows him to remember everything he sees.

What is kagerou Daze?

“Heat Haze Daze”) or “Kagerou Days”, is a Japanese mixed-media project. It started as a Vocaloid song series created by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) (じん(自然の敵P)). The story revolves around the Mekakushi Dan, a group of young people with unusual eye-related powers.

How old is kagero?

Born over 2000 years ago, Kagero, known as Shin Daniel, was kept in cold sleep as an immigrant from the moon and was the commander of the colonists. An adult recruit of the OSF, who was scouted much later than usual, Kagero is a sociable, somewhat frivolous young man.

Is Konoha a Haruka?

The name “Konoha” is a shortening of Haruka’s full name, “Haruka Kokonose”, where the “kono” was taken from “Kokonose”, and the “ha” taken from “Haruka”, which together forms “Konoha”.

Who is Kuroha?

The Snake of Clearing Eyes, while possessing Konoha, is widely known under the alias “Dark Konoha” or “Kuroha” (A mix between “Kuro”, the Japanese word for “Black” and Konoha) by the fans of the series.

How old is kagerou project?

Kagerou Project

Original run May 30, 2012 – December 29, 2017
Volumes 8
Kagerou Daze

What is Shintaro Kisaragi power?

Retaining Eyes (目に焼き付ける Me ni Yakitsukeru): Shintaro’s eye ability, given to him by Marry after promising long ago to “never forget this Tragedy”, allows him to remember everything he sees. Unlike others, he does not visit the Kagerou Daze each Route to gain this ability and instead has it since before birth.

What was Ayano’s power?

Favoring Eyes (目をかける Me wo Kakeru): Ayano’s eye ability allows her to project her and possibly others’ thoughts and memories to other people, which she refers to as “the power of caring”.

Is kagerou project an anime?

View full main page. The Kagerou Project (カゲロウプロジェクト Kagerō Purojekuto), is a mixed media series created by Jin. The story revolves around the Mekakushi Dan (メカクシ団, “Blindfold Gang”), a group of teenagers with unusual powers, dubbed Eye Abilities. The story consists of Music, Manga, Novels and an Anime.

How old is Saizo?

Saizo (24) – Saizo, like Kaze, is very mature, but much more no-nonsense, making it clear that he is the elder brother.

Is Kasane a clone?

Past. It allegedly said that Kasane has lost her parents during the Others’ assault when she was a child. However, this past turned to be a false detail. Her true past is that she was created from Togetsu as one of the Design Children (the clones who has the genes from the founder of Togetsu Faith, Dr.

What color is Konoha’s hair?

Appearance. Konoha stands at 178.8 cm, making him the third shortest in his team. He has neat, medium-length dirty-blonde hair, with narrow eyes and an average build.

Who is Kuroha kagerou?

The Snake of Clearing Eyes (目が冴える蛇 Me ga Saeru Hebi), also known as Black Konoha (黒コノハ Kuro Konoha) when possessing Konoha, is one of Azami’s snakes and the one who suggested creating the Kagerou Daze to her.

Is Osamake a harem?

Although, Osamake is just your average run-of-the-mill harem/romcom show, with a majorly clickbaity title.

Is Ayano’s mom a Yandere?

Ryoba was born in 1972 (changed to 1971 according to the timeline). Her mother – Ayano’s grandmother – was a yandere that kidnapped and kept her husband in her basement, keeping him tied to a chair, and her father – Ayano’s grandfather – was a Mindslave that was mind-broken by his wife into loving her unconditionally.

Is kagerou project popular?

The KagePro Song Popularity Ranking 2019 (カゲプロ楽曲総選挙2019 KagePuro Gakkyoku Sō Senkyo 2019) was a poll for the most popular songs held from August 3 to August 13, 2019….Results.

# Song Title
08 Toumei Answer
09 Kagerou Daze
10 Otsukimi Recital
11 Ayano no Koufuku Riron

Are Kaze and Saizo twins?

Profile. Saizo and his younger twin brother Kaze are members of a ninja clan from Igasato that has proudly served the Hoshidan royal family for several generations. Their father, Saizo the Fourth, was killed by Kotaro in an unexplained incident.