How much does Kruger National Park safari cost?

How much does Kruger National Park safari cost?

Kruger National Park Safari Costs A three-day basic package will cost about $400 USD, while a full-blown safari with all the perks, can cost up to $7,900 USD. Fun Fact: You can find all of the Big Five animals in Kruger National Park!

How do I plan a safari in Kruger National Park?

Golden Rules for a Self-drive Safari in Kruger:

  1. Plan your trip in advance.
  2. Prepare your credit cards.
  3. Book your accommodation beforehand.
  4. Consider the time.
  5. Enjoy the Big 5!
  6. Book a morning walk tour.
  7. Stay in one spot for a while if some animals have been spotted.

What is the best month to visit Kruger National Park?

Most visitors to the Kruger National Park come for the wildlife and there’s no question that the dry winter season from May to October is considered the best time to go to Kruger for game viewing as well as walking safaris.

What time of year is best for African safari?

The best time to go on safari is between June and October, during the dry season. This is a cooler time of the year and you are more likely to see animals, who are searching for water sources. During these months, you can also catch the iconic Masai Mara migration.

Can you drive your own car in Kruger?

Once the Entrance and Camp Gates are open you can Self-Drive throughout the Park on designated Routes and Roads. All the roads are either tarred or gravel and you may never drive your vehicle off-road to get closer to the animals.

How long does a Kruger safari take?

Kruger is the park with the greatest diversity of wildlife in South Africa, and you could spend up to a week enjoying safari and nature walks here. A minimum of two days will give you a real taste for the park’s stupendous wildlife viewing, but you’ll want at least five days to truly appreciate its diversity.

How many days should you spend in Kruger?

five days
It is recommended to stay in Kruger for a minimum of five days, in order to travel through the park, stay in several rest camps, and look for wildlife in the different areas. Most people believe that a safari trip in Africa is out of their price range.

How many days do you need in Kruger National Park?

What is the best part of Kruger National Park?

Nkumbe Hill (394m) is one of the best view sites in Kruger. The road then descends quite rapidly into the mixed woodlands of the N’waswitsontso River basin where there are often elephant to be seen. The area around Tshokwane is good for lions and other big game.

Which is better Masai Mara or Kruger?

Broadly speaking, I found the Masai Mara to be very open and good for seeing a far greater volume of wildlife. The Kruger has more of a bushy environment, but I had better sightings of e.g. leopards there. The private reserves/conservancies of both areas will give you a more private accommodation.

Can you wear leggings on a safari?

Leggings are the most comfortable, packabe safari pants. So they’re definitely a good choice to wear on safari. While you can easily wear a pair of black leggings when you’re inside the vehicle, you might want to consider a lighter color to wear outdoors by the campfire (you’ll thank us later).

How many days do you need for safari?

For a well-rounded and rewarding safari experience, the ideal number of days for a safari getaway is anywhere between 7 – 15 days. While this is a great benchmark for safari-goers, it varies from one traveler to the next depending on their travel requirements.

Do I need a 4×4 for Kruger?

No off-road driving is permitted, so a 4WD is not necessary for any self-drive Kruger safari. A better option is a hire car that is comfortable to drive for long periods of time.

Which part of Kruger National Park is the best?

Is 3 nights at Kruger enough?

It is recommended to stay in Kruger for a minimum of five days, in order to travel through the park, stay in several rest camps, and look for wildlife in the different areas. Most people believe that a safari trip in Africa is out of their price range.

Which part of Kruger Park is best?

What should you not wear on safari?

Avoid black and dark blue clothing (both colors attract tsetse flies), and leave bright-white items at home; safari parks are often dusty, and white clothes may get dingy. You want to see wildlife on safari, not look like it!

How far in advance should I book safari?

1. Know When You Want to Go

Peak or High Season Low or Green Season
Book up to 12 months in advance Aim to book 2-6 months in advance
Coolest and driest weather Warmest and wettest weather
Easiest to find and see animals More challenging but rewarding to find and see animals
Most visitors Fewest visitors

Is safari better in Kenya or South Africa?

Kenya would thus be the better destination for people seeking a safari-dominated wilderness itinerary. That said, Kenya’s safari circuit is far less suited to budget-conscious travellers, or to DIY self-drivers, than the likes of South Africa’s Kruger National Park or Pilanesberg.

Can you wear GREY on safari?

Shorts and shirts are quite comfortable on a safari especially during the day, but sometimes during the game drives and short walks in the bushes you might wish you had covered up a little more. So light weight pants in light colors like cream,khaki and Chinos or grey are good for the game drives and walks.