Can you lift a truck with torsion bars?

Can you lift a truck with torsion bars?

You can perform a torsion lift by replacing the vehicle’s stock torsion keys with a set that’s designed to increase ride height.

What does raising torsion bar do?

When adjusted, the torsion bar beneath your vehicle raises and lowers your front tires. While you can adjust this bar to create a large wheel gap between your tire and fender, you can also lower the height of your car. Before making any changes to your vehicle, measure the wheel gap on both sides of your car or truck.

How much do torsion keys lift a truck?

We designed our keys to mimic the factory keys in shape and function but changed – in degrees – the hexagon hole in the key enough to where it can provide a maximum of 2.5 inches of torsion lift with the torsion key remaining in the stock position inside of the cross member.

How much lift can you get from stock torsion keys?

The general consensus is that you can get 1.5″ through the torsion bars lift with stock keys safely on a stock truck. If your torsion bars are not really saggy you could probably get upwards of 2.5″ total by maxing out the screws, but your CV axles will be binding and you will break stuff very quickly.

Will raising torsion bars affect alignment?

When raise the front end by turning up the torsion bars you affect the camber and toe in. You also change the “spring rate” meaning the truck will ride stiffer. That being said when done in moderation a lot of guys get by without doing an alignment.

Is it safe to crank up torsion bars?

You can crank the torsion bars a few turns and it will help. If you go all the way it will really cause wear on the ball joints and hubs. But a few cranks are ok.

How much lift can you get out of stock torsion keys?

What year did Chevy stop using torsion bars?

(The torsion bars added to GM light-duty four-wheel drive trucks in 1988 were dropped beginning with the 2007 model year.)

How do I make my torsion-bar suspension ride better?

Ride height, and the associated suspension properties, can be altered simply by turning each side’s torsion-bar adjuster bolt. In Chrysler suspension systems, turning the bolt clockwise will increase ride height, while counterclockwise rotation will lower ride height.