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Which record label is looking for upcoming artist in Nigeria?

Which record label is looking for upcoming artist in Nigeria?

Capital Hills Records, owned by Clarence Peters, a veteran video director is one of the biggest Nigerian Record labels today mainly interested in music video shoots and distribution and are also looking for talented upcoming artistes to sign.

What record labels are looking for artist?

That said, at the time of writing, the following record labels are looking for artists:

  • Atlantic via Emerge (pop, R&B)
  • Babygrande (hip-hop, indie, EDM)
  • Captured Tracks (indie, post-punk)
  • Century Media (hardcore, metal, hard rock)
  • Dim Mak (electronic, punk, indie, hip-hop)
  • Domino (indie)
  • Epitaph (punk, emo)

How do I get signed to a specific record label?

To get signed by a record label, it’s best to be as prepared as possible and have all your lyrics organized and demos created. It is possible that a record label will sign you without a demo if they think you have enough potential, but it is smarter to have recordings of your songs already for them to hear.

How do I get my demo recorded by a record label?

10. Demo Submission Checklist

  1. Send bulk emails to multiple record label contacts.
  2. Send a demo through social media messages.
  3. Tell the A&R that your demo is a work in progress.
  4. Send unfinished tracks, remixes, or mashups.
  5. Send tracks with copyrighted material.
  6. Attach MP3, WAV or other files to emails unless it’s preferred.

How much does record label pay artist in Nigeria?

How Much Do Nigerian Record Labels Pay Artists in Nigeria. An average musician in Nigeria is head and shoulders above an average Nigerian citizen, financially. On average, a newly signed upcoming artiste is usually paid in the region of 3 million Naira to 20 million Naira, as signing fee by the record label.

How can I promote my song in Nigeria?

Below are steps you need to follow if you want to promote your music in Nigeria:

  1. Use Social Media to Promote Your Music.
  2. Make Use of Live Music Promotion.
  3. Reach Out to Music Blogs.
  4. Offer Your Songs for Free Downloads.
  5. Collaborate with Other Musicians.
  6. Promote Your Music with Email.
  7. Share Your Music on Music Promotion Sites.

How many followers do you need for a record deal?

Highlight those with less than 30,000 followers. Then, check out their social media profiles, and highlight the ones with 20, 30 or 40 thousand followers. They’re big enough to get signed by the label you love, but small enough to respond to fans.

How do I contact labels?

Most labels have a website where you can find contact information. This will probably be at the top or bottom of the home page and may be accessible by clicking “Contact Us” or “Frequently Asked Questions.”

How can I get a record deal?

How To Get Signed to a Record Label?

  1. Make the Best Album or Demo You Can.
  2. Build a Fanbase and Build Momentum.
  3. Consider a Publishing Deal First.
  4. Build Music Industry Connections.
  5. Improve Your Sound.

How do I get my music heard in Nigeria?

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria As An Artist

  1. Let your music do the talking:
  2. Engage your professional website regularly:
  3. Engage your Social media sites and pages properly:
  4. Appreciate your fans:
  5. Book radio stations sessions:
  6. Promoting your music through Websites & Blogs:
  7. Pay for proper advertising:

How much does it cost to promote a song in Nigeria?

But note, the cost for promoting your music can range from N30,000 to N5,000,000 and above depending on the services you want to use for promotion. This breakdown is similar to a music strategy, which means it involves the various costs of promoting services.

Can you audition for a record label?

Getting a record deal with a major singing label is no easy feat. In fact, even getting an audition requires a lot of hard work, determination and luck. Even extremely talented artists can struggle for years before being considered by a label, and even then a record deal is no guarantee of billboard success.

Do record labels own your music?

Traditionally, when an artist signs a record deal (particularly with a major label), they assign the copyright of their recordings to the label. This means they no longer own them and only have a right to royalties. In fact, the only way artists might get them back would be if the label went bust.

How do I get a record deal?

How do I get my music noticed?

How to Get Your Music Noticed Online: 5 Tips for Artists

  1. Put Your Music on Streaming Platforms.
  2. Arrange Distribution Through a Music Distribution Service.
  3. Create Online Playlists and Add Your Own Music to Them.
  4. Utilize Social Media.
  5. Submit Music to Online Radio Stations and Music Blogs.

How do I get my music heard?

6 creative tips to get your music heard in 2021

  1. 1.) Establish a brand.
  2. 2.) Be present on social media.
  3. 3.) Create an email list.
  4. 4.) Make a demo.
  5. 5.) Conduct promotional outreach.
  6. 6.) Play live gigs.
  7. Spotify. First and foremost, you have to get your music on Spotify.
  8. Youtube.

How do I make my song go viral in Nigeria?

A great way to get your music go viral is to get your fans and community of friends to do a cover of your song and post it on social media. With a number of people making covers and tweeting about it, even tagging others on Facebook, it is bound to get some attention and eventually go viral.

How do I promote my song in Nigeria?

How much does a record label pay an artist?

Per IFPI, a record label will typically invest anywhere from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in a newly signed artist. That’s a wide spread to be sure, and a large amount of money from the perspective of most.