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Where is the Buck Commander E3 ranch?

Where is the Buck Commander E3 ranch?

The E3 Ranch in Fort Scott, Kansas, is the blueprint for all E3 Certified Ranches. If you would like to learn more about this click here.

Who owns the E3 ranch in Kansas?

Adam and Jennifer LaRoche
In addition to E3 Chophouse restaurants, other family projects include E3 Ranch, owned and operated by Adam and Jennifer LaRoche in Fort Scott, Kansas; E3 Meat Company; E3 K9 Performance; E3 Foundation; and Buck Commander (with Willie Robertson) popular hunting show and product line.

What does E3 ranch stand for?

In baseball, positions are numbered, with the first base being designated as “3,” and even though he has won a gold glove for his great defensive skills, he humbly added the “E” (meaning “Error”) to the ranch name.

What is the hat Luke Bryan wears?

That term stands for an error committed by a first baseman during a game. Luke explains, “That’s just his sense of humor that we would name his ranch, error on the first baseman.” Luke starting wearing the E3 hat because wearing a particular baseball team’s hat might get him in trouble onstage.

Where is the E3 hunting ranch?

Fort Scott, Kansas
Founded by retired MLB ballplayer Adam LaRoche and his family, the E3 Ranch is located in Fort Scott, Kansas. Our devotion to sustainable and humane practices leads to the highest quality beef in America.

Can you hunt the E3 ranch?

The ranch does not provide wine or hunting equipment. Airport Transportation is not provided however we can provide recommended transportation services.

Can you hunt the E3 Ranch?

How big is the E3 ranch in Kansas?

Today, the nearly 8,000-acre ranch provides beef to the two E3 Chophouse restaurants and supplies the E3 Meat Co., which ships hand-cut steaks directly to consumers.

Who owns E3 Chophouse?

E3 Chophouse Nashville is owned by the families of former professional baseball player Adam LaRoche, and country music stars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. This will be the second E3 Chophouse location, after LaRoche and his brothers, Jeff and Andy, debuted a restaurant in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 2013.

How many acres does Adam LaRoche own?

Instead of splurging on a coastal mansion, LaRoche returned to his hometown and purchased a 3,200-acre ranch from his wife’s grandfather. Before long, he decided to start raising his own cattle with no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

Who owns E3 meat?

Adam, with partners, Jake Gross, Adam Gross and Bryan Offutt also own E3 Meat Co. raising all-natural Certified Angus beef served at the E3 Chophouse (Steamboat Springs, CO and Nashville, TN.)

How big is the E3 ranch Kansas?