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Where is the battery on my motorcycle?

Where is the battery on my motorcycle?

Typically, batteries are located under the motorcycle seat. Some models may require to use a key to remove the seat and access the pieces underneath. You may need to remove a side panel as well to gain access to the battery, depending on where it’s located.

How do I remove my bike battery?

How to remove and install a motorcycle battery

  1. Read the manual (RTFM)
  2. Find the battery, and then access it.
  3. Disconnect the negative cable.
  4. Remove the positive cable.
  5. Remove the battery.
  6. Install the new battery (or the charged one if you pulled yours out to charge it)
  7. Hook up the cables.
  8. Test it!

How do you jumpstart a motorcycle battery?

How to jump-start a motorcycle using a portable jump starter

  1. Attach the positive clip (red) to the positive battery terminal.
  2. Attach the negative clip (black) to a metal surface on your bike.
  3. Turn on the portable jump starter; confirm it’s set to the correct voltage for your battery (12 volts for most motorcycles).

What size battery does a Harley Fatboy take?

The Harley-Davidson 1803CC FLS (SOFTAIL SLIM S, FAT BOY S) replacement Motorcycle Battery (12V 18Ah)

What is the red key light on a Harley-Davidson for?

Registered. If the security light (the key) stays on solid (not flashing) and the bike starts and runs, it means the bike has thrown a DTC. (diagnostic trouble code) It is essentially the equivalent of the “check engine” light on a car. The procedure for checking the code is posted in the electrical section.

Can you push start a motorcycle with a dead battery?

Push starting, bump starting, or pop starting a car or motorcycle is a tried-and-true method of getting the engine running when the battery is dead or when the starter isn’t working. You don’t need jumper cables or any special tools, and in a motorcycle, you can easily do it on your own.

Can you push start a Harley with a dead battery?

If the battery is too dead to turn the engine over, but alive enough to turn the lights and accessories on, it’s worth attempting to bump start it. If the battery is dead though, there won’t be enough juice to run the fuel pump – which means you can push all you want but that bike isn’t going to fire up.

Should I disconnect my motorcycle battery?

Prevent these draws from killing your battery, disconnect the battery. Even if there is no load on, batteries self-discharge. When batteries are left discharged, they quickly become sulfated and may permanently lose the ability to be charged. The best practice is to keep your battery on a maintainer at all times.

Does it matter what battery I put in my motorcycle?

Motorcycle batteries are not universal, although they are all 12-volt batteries. There are 3 or 4 main groups of batteries used for motorcycles and within those groups each battery has a different cold cranking amp rating and physical size. Only use the battery type and size recommended by the manufacturer.