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When did the Nike Shox BB4 come out?

When did the Nike Shox BB4 come out?

It’s also why they – and others across the world – wanted a pair of Nike Shox sneakers like the BB4. Released in 2000, the astronaut uniform-inspired model features piston-cushioning at the heel unlike anything else on the marketplace at the time.

Can you still get Nike Shox?

2017. Nike ends production of most designs implementing the Shox feature, albeit Nike Shox shoes continue to be sold in some countries to this day.

Who made the Nike Shox BB4?

Eric Avar
Nike Shox BB4 HOH Olympic ’12 The Nike Shox BB4 was the first basketball sneaker to feature Nike Shox technology. Originally worn on-court by Vince Carter, they debuted in 2000 and were designed by Eric Avar.

Is Nike going to make Shox again?

Supreme dropped their lookbook and preview for the Spring/Summer 2022 collection and like a collaborative effort on the much-forgotten Nike Shox Ride 2 is set to drop later this Spring.

Is Nike Shox coming back?

After reviving the platform earlier this year with the Nike Shox Gravity, Nike is bringing back the silhouette that started it all with the Nike Shox R4.

Are Nike Shox coming back?

Supreme just revealed its lookbook and preview for the Spring Summer 2022 collection, and if you look closely enough you’ll find a teaser for its latest Nike collaboration. The Shox Ride 2 is making a comeback under Supreme’s stead, with an all-black color scheme shown in one of the full outfit looks.

When did Nike Shox TL come out?

The first Shox product, the R4, hit shelves in 2000.

What happened to Vince Carter’s Nike Bb4?

Despite bringing the sneaker back in 2018 for Vince to play in throughout his record-tying 21st season, Nike never actually released it to the public. Even weirder: twice this year, Nike has announced release dates for BB4 colorways—only to mysteriously pull the plug on both mere days before the drops with no explanation given.

What is the story behind the Nike Shox Bb4?

The Nike Shox BB4’s look was informed by its space age concept. A rocket and booster-like appearance was prepped for blastoff and served to amplify the explosive potential of the columns. The upper was designed for intergalactic exploration, too, as Avar and the others at mission control researched astronaut apparel.

When did Vince Carter get his first shoe?

Vince Carter joined Nike in 2000. He was already well-known for a few things: highlight reel-filling dunks and a torrid scoring touch. Combined, these elements propelled Carter toward super-stardom. Carter debuted the Nike Shox BB4 during summer play in Sydney.

Is the Shox Bb4 finally coming back to the NBA?

With Vince heading into his 22nd and final NBA season with the Hawks, Nike appears to finally, finally be re-releasing the Shox BB4.