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What does the Bose SoundTouch wireless link adapter do?

What does the Bose SoundTouch wireless link adapter do?

The SoundTouch Wireless Link is a device that connects to your existing sound system and turns it into a SoundTouch wireless music system. SoundTouch uses Wi-Fi® to bring you a better way to enjoy all your music.

Why is Bose SoundTouch discontinued?

As we are evolving our product assortment to better serve your needs, we are discontinuing sales of some SoundTouch products. We remain committed to support both the SoundTouch app and product software for the foreseeable future.

How do I update my SoundTouch wireless link adapter?

Wireless Link Adapter – Manual Update

  1. From time to time, updates will be available for your SoundTouch wireless link.
  2. In the SoundTouch app, select Menu (≡) > Settings > Speaker Settings.
  3. If you’re experiencing issues with an update, you can update manually by following the steps below.

How do I connect my Bose Lifestyle to Wi-Fi?

Entering Setup mode lets you connect a device to the Wi-Fi network broadcast by the Bose system. This is useful for system set up and diagnostics.

  1. Power on your product.
  2. On the remote control, press the SETUP button.
  3. From the menu, select NETWORK SETUP and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why did Bose discontinue?

The reason for the quick discontinuation and release of the Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset was due to several major design defects; such as poor music quality, difficulty to put on and falling off while turning your head.

Can I add speakers to my Bose SoundTouch?

If you already created a Bose SoundTouch account, you can add additional SoundTouch systems to your account. This lets you to play music on multiple systems, group systems and add speakers throughout your home.

How do I know which Bose Lifestyle system I have?

You can also view the serial number in the system menu:

  1. Power on your system.
  2. On the system console, press and hold the Setup button until the System Information menu appears. Tip: If the system menu does not appear on your TV, be sure the correct TV input is selected.
  3. View line 1 for the console serial number.

Is Bose coming out with new Lifestyle system?

Bose has announced three new Lifestyle home theater systems that focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, but cost much more than competing systems.

Can hard wired speakers be converted to wireless?

With the help of a wireless speaker kit, you can easily convert wired speakers into a wireless set. Wireless speaker kits transmit audio signals via radio frequency waves or Bluetooth. You may also need to incorporate an amplifier into the setup to successfully power up your speakers.

Can wired speakers be made wireless?

With sources such as a TV, CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, audio cassette deck, VCR, or compatible audio output on a stereo or home theater receiver, you can make wired speakers wireless with a wireless speaker conversion kit (also referred to as a wireless speaker kit or wireless speaker adapter).

Is Bose discontinuing lifestyle?

Bose Lifestyle V30 Home Theater System – Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Is Bose going out of business?

Share All sharing options for: Bose is closing all of its retail stores in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Bose plans to close its entire retail store footprint in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

How many Bose SoundTouch speakers can you connect?

four different
You can purchase and control up to four different SoundTouch devices via Wi-Fi. After you connect the four wirelessly, you can continue to add many more SoundTouch speakers as long as you connect them via Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Did Bose discontinue lifestyle?

Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Theater System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Can I make my existing speakers wireless?

You may be wondering, can you convert your current surround sound speakers to wireless speakers? Yes, you can do this very easily by using a wireless speaker kit. These wireless speaker kits make regular speaker wireless by sending the audio signals via RF (radio-frequency).

How can I turn a wired speaker into a wireless speaker?

The good news is there are several ways to convert wired speakers into wireless ones, from Bluetooth receivers to wireless conversion kits.

  1. Turn Wired Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers.
  2. Add Wired Speakers to Chromecast for Audio and Select Echo Devices.
  3. Add Wired Speakers to an Established Wireless Audio System.

Can I upgrade my Bose Lifestyle system?

Your system can only be updated by a Bose technician. If you believe your system requires an update to resolve an issue, call Bose for help. You can also compare your current system version to the latest system version to determine if a newer version is available.

What is the SoundTouch wireless link adapter?

Transform your stereo or home theater system by adding the SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter and stream music from your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. Use the SoundTouch app to control your music easily. So, what exactly can connect?

What devices are compatible with SoundTouch wireless music systems?

The adapter has three common outputs (optical, AUX and RCA), so anything that supports one of them can become a SoundTouch wireless music system. Most stereo systems, home theater systems and docking speakers are compatible—so chances are, what you have in your living room will work after a quick plug-in and setup. Already own a Bose system?

What is A Soundtouch system?

SoundTouch systems feature Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from any compatible device—whenever you want. This allows you to listen to even more sources, like YouTube. . . .

Can I use the SoundTouch wireless link in multiple rooms?

If you start with the SoundTouch Wireless Link for your stereo receiver, you can add more anytime: it could be a SoundTouch 10 speaker for the kitchen, or a SoundTouch 20 speaker for the bedroom. Sync them all together to play the same music in every room, or different music in different rooms.