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What does Dum Vivimus vivamus meaning?

What does Dum Vivimus vivamus meaning?

while we live, let us live
Definition of dum vivimus vivamus : while we live, let us live.

What is the meaning of vivamus?

Dum vivimus vivamus is a Latin phrase that means “While we live, let us live.” It is often taken to be an Epicurean declaration.

What does Unius mean?

Inflected form of ūnus (“one”)

What is Inclusio Unius EST Exclusio Alterius?

Latin legal maxim that makes the point that where a statute, contract or other legal document includes a list of items falling into a category, the inclusion of certain items on that list should be presumed to mean that any excluded items are intentionally outside the definition.

What is Expressio Unius EST Exclusio?

: a principle in statutory construction: when one or more things of a class are expressly mentioned others of the same class are excluded.

What is Maxim Expressio Unius?

Meaning: The maxim Expressio unios exclusio alterius means that “to express one is to exclude others; therefore mention of one or more specific things may be taken to exclude others of the same type.” It is not necessary to add other words to the list in order to make sense of the provision.

What is Reddendo Singula Singulis?

Reddendo singula singulis is a Latin term that means by referring each to each; referring each phrase or expression to its corresponding object. In simple words “reddendo singula singulis” means that when a list of words has a modifying phase at the end, the phrase refers only to the last.

What is bonam Partem?

Hence the term Bonam Partem is known to mean the interpretation of words in their least aggravated sense. Diametrically opposite to this are the premises of ‘Malam Partem’ and ‘Malo Sensu’, which are known to mean the acceptation of words in their most aggravated comprehension.

What is the meaning of Reddendo Singula Singulis?

by referring each to each
Thus, Reddendo singula singulis is a Latin term that means by referring each to each; referring each phrase or expression to its corresponding object. It is a rule of construction used typically in distributing property.

What is Litera Legis?

Giving words their ordinary and natural meaning is known as literal interpretation or litera legis. It is the duty of the court not to modify the language of the Act and if such meaning is clear and unambiguous, effect should be given to the provisions of a statute whatever may be the consequence.

What is sententia legis?

The maxim Sententia legis or mens means that the essence of the law lies in the spirit, and not in its letter, the letters are just the way to express the intentions of the law makers. The words are the external manifestation of intention that it involves.

What is ut res Magis Valeat Quam Pereat?

ut res magis valeat quam pereat : It is better for a thing to have effect than to be made void, i.e., it is better to validate a thing than to invalidate it.

What is litera Scripta?

A word about our title, translated freely as “the written word.” These words are plucked from a Latin proverb sometimes quoted by lawyers: “Vox emissa volat; litera scripta manet.” Or, “Spoken words fly away; the written letter remains.” As to the printed letter, the decorative initial letter in our title was borrowed …