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What do poker HUD numbers mean?

What do poker HUD numbers mean?

A HUD stat is just a percentage showing how often a player makes a certain play. Live players can’t get these stats in an automated way, but the information gleaned from stats can universally be applied in both live and online games.

What is a good Vpip and PFR?

Solid regulars generally have a VPIP/PFR between 19/17 and 25/23. As you move up in stakes, the rake (the amount taken from each pot by the poker room) decreases as a percentage of the pot and players are able to use wider ranges. Winning regulars often have statistics closer to 28/20 or 27/19 at the higher stakes.

Is there a HUD for global poker?

Global Poker is a newer online poker site that has never allowed HUDs. They explicitly ban third-party software in their Terms and Conditions. The Global Poker software takes place in a browser, preventing HUDs from harvesting hand histories.

What is a good W SD?

A good WTSD frequency is somewhere around 27-32%, with 30% being a good place to aim for. Too low and you are probably over-folding postflop; too high and you are probably calling too often.

What does RCB mean in poker?

RCB: How often a player continuation bet the river when given the opportunity after being the final preflop raiser and betting the flop and turn.

Can PFR be higher than Vpip?

Re: PFR bigger than VPIP You’ve got it backwards — all PFRs are VPIPs, but not all VPIPs are PFRs and some couldn’t be. If you face an open shove you can either call or fold, but you can’t raise. So you have an opportunity to VPIP that is not an opportunity to PFR. That’s how PFR can end up higher than VPIP.

What is a good Vpip for 6 max?

If you play 6max Zoom then a good VPIP is somewhere around 21. And if you play full ring Zoom games then a good VPIP is somewhere around 15.

What is the best HUD for poker?

PokerTracker 4 is the Best Poker HUD Software for 2022 The reason why is because this poker HUD is the most comprehensive and easy to use poker tracking program out there. It is great for cash games, sit and gos and tournments.

How do you use PokerTracker HUD?

Enabling your HUD is simple. All you have to do is make sure that PokerTracker 4 is open and that it is automatically importing hand histories as you are playing. From there, PokerTracker 4 will place the HUD on your table. It’s that easy!

What does WTSD mean in poker?

went to showdown
WTSD stands for went to showdown and is a measure of how often a player goes to showdown after seeing a flop. May 1 2021. WTSD stands for went to showdown and is a measure of how often a player goes to showdown after seeing a flop. As a very rough guide, most players have a WTSD stat of around 25%.

What is af in poker?

Aggression factor (AF) in poker is a ratio that compares how many aggressive actions (betting and raising) are taken for each passive action (calling). A player with an AF of 2 bets and raises twice as frequently as they call.

What does FS mean poker?

Flops Seen (FS) This indicates in what percentage of hands you reached the flop without folding.

What does ATS mean in poker?

Attempt to steal
ATS: Attempt to steal. How often a player open-raised from the CO, button, or SB when given the opportunity. BET F: How often a player bet the flop when given the opportunity. BET R: How often a player bet the river when given the opportunity. BET T: How often a player bet the turn when given the opportunity.

What does RFI mean in poker?

Raise First In
Raise First In (RFI). In other words, these are the hands you should play preflop when the action folds to you, and you should play them by raising. The best way to approach RFI is to pick a range of hands which you believe is strong enough to play from a given situation, then raise with all of them using raise size.

What Vpip is considered loose?

32% – 40% is loose. These players are almost always playing too many hands. They will also be playing out of compromising positions that will inevitably end up being -EV. It is possible winning player with a VPIP this high, but only if you’re an exceptional post flop player (which is very rare).

Are poker HUDs cheating?

HUDs are NOT cheating. A HUD is a tool for online poker. You should use ALL the tools available to you.

What are good poker HUD stats?

Here is the short answer: The best poker HUD stats to have are VPIP, PFR, AF, 3Bet% and ATS. There are many more useful preflop and postflop stats to have such as 4Bet% and flop, turn and river CBet. However these are the 5 best poker HUD stats to have on your table.

What does PR mean in poker tracker?

PFR (PR): Measures the frequency that a player raises preflop, expressed as a percentage.

Should I use a poker HUD?

Whether you are a complete beginner to online poker, someone who has played live and is transitioning to online play, or someone who is playing low stakes and is ready to start taking the game seriously, a HUD is a necessary tool in today’s tough online games.

What is EV in poker?

Expected value—commonly referred to as EV—is the long-term result of your decisions in a particular poker hand. It is your way to cut through poker’s blend of luck and strategy so you are able to see how profitable your decisions are.

What is a Cbet in poker?

A continuation bet—also known as a c-bet—is a bet made by the player who made the last aggressive action on the previous street. This process starts with a player making the final raise preflop and then firing the first bet on the flop.

What does TAF mean in poker?

So as you can see, AF, which is also referred to sometimes as TAF (total aggression factor), is simply a ratio of how many times you bet or raise after the flop versus how many times you call. Betting and raising in poker are both considered to be aggressive plays while calling is considered to be a passive play.

What does BBS mean in poker?

big blinds
What are ‘bb’s in Poker? bb – The lower case ‘bb’ refers to ‘big blinds’ in poker. It’s used as a measurement of stack sizes and bet sizes in poker games. April 5 2021. The abbreviation ‘bb’ refers to big blinds which is the standard way of measuring stack sizes and bet sizes in poker.

What does ATB mean in poker?

Any Two Broadway
ATB. Abbreviation. “Any Two Broadway” cards.