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What did the Harappan civilization trade?

What did the Harappan civilization trade?

Article Trade Unearthed ornaments and the accessories made out of Seashells, Pearls, and beads were also traded. The Harappan people even made Terracotta Pots and painted them to trade. Coloured gemstones such as turquoise, lapis and lazuli were also sold by them.

Which routes were used by Harappans for trade?

Land or Sea Route. Some scholars have suggested that the Harappans might have taken a land route to Kathiawar from Sind via Desalpur in Kutch and Rojdi in Central Saurashtra.

Who did the Harappan society trade with?

The Indus people were greatly reliant on trade. They traded with many different civilizations like Persia, Mesopotamia and China. They were also known to trade in the Arabian Gulf region, central parts of Asia, portions of Afghanistan and northern and western India.

What trade system did the Indus Valley use?

The Indus civilization had a broad trade network, but their currency was traded goods. Instead of money, there was a swapping and bartering system. The Indus Valley Civilization had what was called soapstone seals and this is what they might have used for money later on in the civilization.

How was trade established among the Harappans?

A wide variety of weights and measures were used in trade, and it was most probably carried out through the barter system. Both land and sea routes were used by the traders. Bullock carts, boats and ships were used for transport of goods. Even a dockyard has been discovered at the city of Lothal.

How do we know that Harappan civilization trade with other countries?

Answer: We can find that the harappa has done trading with Mesopotamian,Persia etc by the SEALS . Archeologists found out about the seals which led to the understanding of the trading between harappa and Mesopotamia.

What is barter system in Harappan civilization?

The Harappans had no money economy. Like all people in the ancient world, the Harappans too traded through barter or exchange of goods. Excavations have produced a series of excellently made weights from agate or other hard stones. They show that the Harappans could weigh goods in a precise manner.

How do we know that Harappan civilization traded with other countries?

How do we know that the Harappans had trade relations?

1 Answer. Trade relations with Mesopotamia have been proved with the discovery of Mesopotamian seals in the cities of the Indus Valley Civilization and Harappan seals in the ancient cities of Mesopotamia.

How was the trade relation of Harappans with the West Asia?

Answer: Explanation:Archaeological finds suggest that copper was also probably brought from oman,on the south eastern tip of the arabian peninsular. Through chemical analyses we find that the both the omani and harappan artefact have traces of nickel.

How do we know that Harappan products were traded to places as far away as Mesopotamian?

There is archaeological evidence for maritime relations between the Harappans and Arabia and some textual and iconographic evidence that Mesopotamians knew about the Harappan world (Meluhha) and for at least a few Indus people in Mesopotamia – including what has been identified as an Indus translator.

How do we know that Harappans were involved in trade and commerce also?

The Harappan civilisation carried out a flourishing trade both inside and outside its territories. Trade was conducted with countries such as Mesopotamia (Iraq), Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan. Harappan seals have been found at Mesopotamian archaeological sites, proving their trade relations.