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Is Jean-Marie Loret still alive?

Is Jean-Marie Loret still alive?

February 14, 1985Jean-Marie Loret / Date of death

Did Philippe Loret have kids?

He and his wife Rosalyn had two sons and a daughter and he now has six grandchildren. Although he claims his children do not mind the connection to Hitler, they have not told their own children. Philippe says: ‘They have not been told that their great-great-grandfather was Hitler.

What was Adolf Hitler’s childhood name?

In 1876, Alois was made legitimate and his baptismal record annotated by a priest to register Johann Georg Hiedler as Alois’s father (recorded as “Georg Hitler”). Alois then assumed the surname “Hitler”, also spelled ‘Hiedler’, ‘Hüttler’, or ‘Huettler’.

Is Philippe Loret Hitler’s grandson?

The documentary is filmed at Loret’s home, which is decorated with Nazi relics. In the documentary Loret speaks of a Rothschild family conspiracy. It was reported in 2018 that Loret’s son Philippe would undergo a DNA test to determine if he is Hitler’s grandson, but the results are unknown as of 2022.

Who is Hitler’s wife?

Eva BraunAdolf Hitler / Wife (m. 1945–1945)

Who is Adolf Hitler’s grandson?

In 2018 Russian state-owned TV channel NTV interviewed a man named Philippe Loret who is supposedly a son of Jean-Marie Loret. Loret claims to be the grandson of Hitler. The documentary is filmed at Loret’s home, which is decorated with Nazi relics.

What was Hitler’s childhood like?

After his father, Alois, retired as a state customs official, young Adolf spent most of his childhood in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. Not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps as a civil servant, he began struggling in secondary school and eventually dropped out.

What was Hitler’s favorite animal?

Blondi (1941 – 29 April 1945) was Adolf Hitler’s German Shepherd, a gift as a puppy from Martin Bormann in 1941. Hitler kept Blondi even after his move into the Führerbunker located underneath the garden of the Reich Chancellery on 16 January 1945.

Did any of Hitler’s children live?

It is alleged that Hitler had a son, Jean-Marie Loret, with a Frenchwoman named Charlotte Lobjoie. Jean-Marie Loret was born in March 1918 and died in 1985, aged 67. Loret married several times, and had as many as nine children.

How much are Hitler’s paintings worth?

Jahn sold one of the largest collections of Hitler’s art, about 18 pieces, with an average selling price of $50,000. One of the most extensive private collections of Hitler’s art was housed at The International Museum of World War II in Natick, Massachusetts.

What is Adolf Hitler’s favorite color?

However, Sir Ralph was more enthused by the red telephone near Hitler’s bed, noting red was his favourite colour as he accepted the “gift”, much to the delight of the Soviet officer.

Does any of Hitler’s art still exist?

In his book Mein Kampf, he claimed to have produced as many as three paintings a day. While in power, Hitler allegedly ordered the collection and destruction of his artworks, but several hundred are known to still exist. In Germany, it is legal to sell pictures by Hitler so long as they do not contain Nazi symbols.

What was Adolf Hitler’s favorite movie?

It’s followed at 3:30 (also at 9:30 Wednesday) by the 1937 “Der Zerbrochene Krug” (The Broken Jug), reputed to be Hitler’s favorite film, in which a civil servant allows his private pursuits to interfere with his public duties.

How much is Hitler’s car worth?

The black, armor-plated menacing machine is worth approximately $7 million and is currently in transit to its new owner. The one of five remaining Offener Tourenwagens was finally purchased after being put up for auction in January at a Worldwide Auctioneers event in Scottsdale, AZ.

Who owns Hitler’s estate?

Hitler did produce a last will and testament leaving his inheritance to his three siblings. But the German state of Bavaria seized all of Hitler’s property after the Third Reich fell in 1945, and it currently owns the rights to his estate.