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How many stations from Andheri to Borivali?

How many stations from Andheri to Borivali?

It has 5 halts. 5 intermediate Stations between Andheri and Borivali Covering a total distance of 12 km in 0h 21m time.

Which train stops at Andheri station?

Andheri Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Andheri Arrives Departs
Aravali Express (19707) 21:17 21:19
Bdts Surat Express (12935) 07:06 07:08
Surat Bdts Express (12936) 19:51 19:54
Ag Kranti Rajdhani (12954) 09:23 09:25

Which station comes before Andheri?

Andheri railway station

Preceding station Mumbai Suburban Railway Following station
Vile Parle towards Churchgate Jogeshwari towards Dahanu Road
Vile Parle towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Jogeshwari towards Goregaon
Out-of-system interchange
Preceding station Mumbai Metro Following station

How much is station Andheri to Malad?

Yes, the driving distance between Andheri (Station) to Malad (Station) is 8 km.

How many Stations are there between Kandivali and Andheri?

Stations Name Between Andheri and Borivali

Stations Name Between Andheri and Borivali (Time Difference in Hour:Minutes)
Jogeshwari 3 Minutes
Goregaon 8 Minutes
Malad 12 Minutes
Kandivali 15 Minutes

What is Andheri?

Andheri ([ən̪d̪ʱeɾiː]) is a locality in the western part of the city of Mumbai in India. Andheri. Suburb. Andheri. Location in Mumbai.

Why Andheri is called Andheri?

The name Andheri was derived from Udayanagari, the name of a hill near the Mahakali caves . Another concentration of the native East Indians was located on the former islet of Versova, also known as Vasave.

Does Paschim Express stop at Andheri?

The train 12926 is named as Paschim Express….Paschim Express -12926 ( Amritsar Junction to Bandra Terminus )

Station name (code) Andheri (ADH)
Arrives 14:14
Departs 14:16
Stop time 2 min
Distance travelled 1814 km

What comes after Borivali?


1 Churchgate 0
22 Borivali 33
23 Dahisar 35
24 Mira Road 38
25 Bhayandar 41

How far is Malad from Andheri West?

How far is it from Andheri West to Malad West? The distance between Andheri West and Malad West is 7 km. The road distance is 9.2 km.

Which station comes after Borivali?


Western line
# Station Name Station Code
22 Borivali BO/BVI
23 Dahisar DIC
24 Mira Road MIRA

How many Stations are there from Borivali to Dadar?

It has 6 halts. 12 intermediate Stations between Borivali and Dadar Western Covering a total distance of 24 km in 0h 39m time.

Is Andheri a city?

Andheri ([ən̪d̪ʱeɾiː]) is a locality in the western part of the city of Mumbai in India….

Country India
State Maharashtra
District Mumbai Suburban
City Mumbai

Is Andheri a posh area?

Is Andheri West a posh area? Yes, Andheri West is one of the posh areas in Mumbai’s suburbs.

Is Andheri a good area?

Andheri West is a good locality. It has provides good connectivity to restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals, banks and malls. The best point of this locality is most importantly the security maintained by the police is good making Andheri West the safest locations to reside.

Is Andheri East expensive?

The prices for luxury developments in Andheri East start at Rs 2 crore and may go up to Rs 6 crore. A 1 BHK unit measuring 500-700 sq ft in Andheri West would earn a monthly rent of Rs 25,300-30,000, while a 2 BHK unit with a carpet area of 800 – 1,000 sq ft might attract Rs 43,000-50,000 per month.

Is Paschim Express running?

The departure time for 12926 Paschim Express from Amritsar Jn is 07:35. The arrival time to Bandra Terminus is 15:25….12926 Paschim Express Running Status.

Station Vadodara Jn 1484 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 08:22 08:25
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 08:35 08:35
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – 10min

Where is Paschim Express train?

The Paschim Express 12925 departs Bandra Terminus at 11:35 AM and reaches Amritsar, Punjab, at 19:20 PM. This train travels a distance of 1,823 in 31 hours and 45 minutes, taking passengers 2 days to arrive at their destination.

How many Stations are in Mumbai?

According to Lohia, there are nearly 112 railway stations in Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

How do I get from Lower Parel to Andheri?

The quickest way to get from Andheri (Station) to Lower Parel is to taxi which costs ₹400 – ₹480 and takes 12 min. Is there a direct train between Andheri (Station) and Lower Parel? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Andheri and arriving at Elphinstone Road.

Is there direct train from Andheri to Vashi?

No, there is no direct train from Andheri (Station) to Vashi (Station). However, there are services departing from Andheri and arriving at Vashi via Wadala Road. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 47 min.

How many Stations are there from Borivali to Churchgate?

21 intermediate Stations between Borivali and Church Gate Covering a total distance of 34 km in 1h 6m time.

Who named Andheri?

How big is Andheri?

Andheri (West) is spread over an area of 24 sq km, of which the residential portion is 8.25 sq km. “Andheri is the talent enclave of Mumbai.

Is Borivali a good place to live?

Right from schools, colleges, hospitals to restaurants, Borivali has it all. The presence of good social infrastructure, business hubs and connectivity is progressing Borivali to become the most affordable location to live in Mumbai.