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How do I teach my 9 year old fractions?

How do I teach my 9 year old fractions?

Using objects to visualise fractions Start with concrete items, like food or counters – you can use pasta pieces or dried beans in place of counters – then draw them as pictures. Once you’ve got this down, you can move onto using rational numbers (the fancy name for fractions) to represent them.

How do you teach fractions fun?

22 Fun and Free Fraction Games and Activities For Kids

  1. Sort sticky notes.
  2. Connect fractions to learn and win.
  3. Explore the Fraction of the Day.
  4. Grab the fun of fraction Spoons.
  5. Get them in order.
  6. Fight it out in a fraction war.
  7. Noodle around with fractions.
  8. Build excitement with LEGO fraction games.

How do you put fractions in order from smallest to largest?

To order fractions from least to greatest, start by finding the lowest common denominator for all of the fractions. Next, convert each of the fractions by dividing the lowest common denominator by the denominator and then multiplying the top and bottom of the fraction by your answer.

Which two tools can be used to teach a lesson on fractions?

A fourth-grade teacher is planning a lesson on adding fractions….Select TWO tools or manipulatives that can enhance learning outcomes.

  • Fraction tiles.
  • Spinner.
  • Compass.
  • Centimeter grid paper.
  • Pattern blocks.

How do you introduce fractions to students?

Paper Folding: Concretely represent a fraction as part of a larger whole. Tape Diagrams and Circle Diagrams: Connect the concrete to the visual with these fluency-building fraction activities. Area Models: Help students to visualize multiplication of fractions.

How do you teach fractions visually?

Fraction strips and/or circles are a wonderful visual aid for students to see fractional parts of a whole as well as equivalent fractions. Students get to manipulate the fraction strips or circles so they can have a hands-on experience with numerators, denominators, and equivalent fractions.

How do you teach elementary students fractions?