Why nitration of toluene is easier than benzene?

Why nitration of toluene is easier than benzene?

Thus, electron density increases on the ortho and para position in the ring. Whereas in benzene ring, no activating group is present which shows hyperconjugation. Hence, the nitration of toluene can be done more easily as compared to benzene.

Is benzene more reactive than toluene for nitration?

Phenol and toluene are nitrated faster than benzene, whose relative rate of reaction is set at 1. Both a hydroxyl group and a methyl group make the aromatic ring more reactive compared to benzene; they are activating groups.

Why nitration of toluene is easier whereas nitration of nitrobenzene is difficult?

Solution : Toluene would undergo nitration most easily because `-CH_(3)` group is an electron releasing group and hence it activates the benzene ring towards electrophilic substitution reactions.

Why does toluene undergo nitration easily?

Solution : The methyl group in toluene is an activating group. It increases the electron density in ortho and para positions and hence, an electrophile readily attacks the position. The presence of an ortho para directing group increases the rate of reaction, Hence, nitration of toluene is faster than benzene.

Does toluene undergo nitration faster than benzene?

Also, as noted earlier, toluene undergoes nitration about 25 times faster than benzene, but chlorination of toluene is over 500 times faster than that of benzene. From this we may conclude that the nitration reagent is more reactive and less selective than the halogenation reagents.

Why is toluene more readily sulphonated than benzene?

Toluene is most readily sulphonated among these because methyl group is electron donating (+ I effect), activate benzene ring for electrophilic aromatic substitution.

Why does toluene react faster than benzene?

Toluene and Phenol are more reactive than benzene since their groups add electron density to the ring. Toluene’s methyl group adds electron density through the inductive effect, and the hydroxyl group in phenol can delocalise one of the lone pairs on the oxygen atom into the ring (demonstrated on the whiteboard).

Which of the following can be easily nitrated?

Out of benzene and phenol, phenol is more easily nitrated because the presence of –OH group in phenol increases the electron density at ortho and para-position So, the correct answer is “Option A”.

Why nitration of nitrobenzene is more difficult than that of benzene?

Nitration of nitrobenzene is more difficult than that of benzene. The reason behind is the electron withdrawing character of the nitro group. It attracts the electron density on the benzene ring towards it. Then the benzene ring becomes electron deficient.

Which will undergo nitration more easily?

Solution : Toluene undergoes nitration more easily. This is because`-CH_3` group in toluene is electron donating. It increases the electron density in benzene. So electrophilic substitution reactions such as nitration take place more readily in toluene.

Which is nitrated faster between toluene and nitrobenzene?

Which is nitrated faster, toluene or nitrobenzene? Explain. Tokene is nitrated faster because CH3 group is electron donating group to the benzene ring.

Why benzene is more readily nitrated than nitrobenzene?

Answer. electrophilic substitution reaction rate is increases when election donating group attached to benzene. more electron reach rate of reaction increases . -NO2 electron with drawing gp I decreases electron density from ring so less reactive towards ESR.

Which can be easily sulphonated?

Solution : Hexane and higher alkanes are sulphonated easily as compared to lower alkanes.

Which compound is nitrated with difficulty?

Nitrogen of nitro benzene is difficult as it contain electron with drawing group,making compound electron elements.

Which one of the following compounds undergoes nitration fast?

Thus, benzene undergoes electrophilic nitration most readily.

Why is toluene more reactive than nitrobenzene?

Due to +I effect of CH3 in toluene, it is more reactive than benzene. Due to electron withdrawing nature of −COOH group in benzoic acid and −NO2 group in nitrobenzene, both benzoic acid and nitrobenzene are less reactive than benzene.

Which is more easily nitrated benzene or phenol?

Why nitration of phenol is easier than benzene?

Now the presence of OH group in phenol, increases the electron density at ortho and para position by +R effect. Since the electron density is more in phenol than in benzene, therefore, phenol is more easily nitrated than benzene.

Why nitration of nitrobenzene is slower than toluene?

1 Answer. Because the nitro-group is a classic DEACTIVATING group….

Which undergo nitration faster than benzene?

Toluene undergoes nitration easily than benzene.

How do you benzene and toluene which will undergo nitration most easily and why?

Since CH3 group has a +inductive effect, it activates the ring and electrophilic substitution readily takes place. On the other hand, it is most difficult in m-dinitrobenzene because of deactivating nature of nitro groups. Thus ease of nitration decreases in the order Toulene> Benzene> m-Dinitrobenzene.

Which of the following alkynes can be easily sulphonated?

Solution : n-hexane can be easily sulphonated.

Which of the following compound can be easily nitrated?

Solution : The presence of an electron-releasing groups (+I group) e.g., `-CH_3, -OH, -NH_2` etc. makes the process of nitration easier. So `C_6H_5CH_3` will be easily nitrated .

Which will be more easily nitrated benzene or nitrobenzene give reasons why?

As Benzene have electron cloud above and below the plane and has the tendency to attack at the electrophile so nitration of Benzene occur readily but nitration of nitrobenzene is slow process as the electron density of Benzene decreases due to the presence of electron withdrawing group -NO2 which cause -R and -I effect …

Which nitration has the greatest ease?

Phenol compounds would undergo nitration with greatest ease.