Who makes Cubitron?

Who makes Cubitron?

Cubitron II Precision Shaped Grain | 3M.

What is Cubitron II made of?

Specification for this product family

Brand Name 3M
Grit Material Silicon Carbide
UNSPSC Code 27110000

Is Cubitron a ceramic?

3M Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheels with precision- shaped grain are engineered to cut faster than competitive ceramic products, offering significant productivity gains. Triangular shaped ceramic grain wears evenly, runs cool, and optimizes mineral breakdown, for extra long life.

What is 3M Trizact?

3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives are available for processes from scale removal to intermediate finishing to fine polishing prior to buffing or plating. Cool-running Trizact delivers refined performance even on hard metals such as carbon or stainless steel, and helps reduce warping and discoloration.

What is 3M precision shaped grain?

3M Precision-Shaped Grain is a triangular-shaped ceramic grain that wears evenly to provide exceptional durability with remarkable consistency. As the grain wears, it continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges that slice cleanly through the material.

Is 3M Trizact wet or dry?

3M Trizact Hookit Clear Coat Sanding Abrasive Disc 471LA

Attribute Name Value
Sanding Method Machine
Sanding Surface Paint
Vacuum Support No
Wet or Dry Wet

What is 3M Trizact used for?

What grit is Trizact?

3M TRIZACT A160 2″ X 72″ 120 grit.

What grit sandpaper will not scratch glass?

Wet/Dry Premium Waterproof Sheets is your best choice. This is a 12-sheet assortment of finish sanding paper ranging from #1500 to #7000 grit. The grit on this type of sanding paper is so fine it will not scratch the glass, the way that woodworker’s sandpaper, steel wool or other abrasive products might.

What is Trizact made of?

Engineered using microreplication technology, Trizact is comprised of miniscule 3D aluminium-oxide structures spread across the entire surface of the abrasive material.

Can you polish glass with 3000 grit?

The grit is so fine it will not scratch the glass the way that woodworker’s sandpaper, steel wool or other abrasive products might. For severe scratches, start with a piece of #3000 grit paper. Cut it to a size that feels comfortable in your hand, as you are going to scrub the glass with it.

What grit is A30 Trizact?

800 grit
Conversions: A6 = 2500 grit, A16 = 1200 grit, A30 = 800 grit, A45 or M45 = 400 grit, A65 = 320, A100 = 220 grit.

What is the strongest grit for sanding?

The highest grit sandpaper is 1200-grit but this is not typically used on home DIY projects. In practical terms, the highest grade of fine sandpaper you would need is around 800-grit to 1000 grit sandpaper which would be ideal for final sanding and also for use prior to and during polishing.

What grit is A65 Trizact?

240 grit
3M Trizact 337DC Gator Sanding Belt A65 is equivalent to 240 grit.

Why 3M cubitron™ II abrasives?

By cutting faster and lasting longer, these premium abrasives can lower your overall production costs. 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives are built with the fast-cutting, long-lasting 3M Precision-Shaped Ceramic Grain. These coated abrasive discs are ideal for applications like weld removal, beveling, edge chamfering and more.

What is cubitron™ II?

It is constructed with 3M’s breakthrough Precision Shaped Grain, with vulcanized fiber backing that resists wear and easily handles tough grinding applications like high-pressure weld grinding. In short, Cubitron™ II outcuts and outlasts conventional ceramic industrial abrasives and requires less grinding force to achieve superior performance.

What is a cubitron belt used for?

High-performance sanding belts. Cubitron II abrasives run cooler, delivering a fast cut while reducing the risk of metal discoloration/oxidation and heat-related stress cracks. Great for spot weld removal or weld grinding. These grinding discs are great for weld grinding, beveling and hem flange removal.

How can I request an in-person demonstration of the cubitron II?

Use the button below to request an in-person demonstration at your body shop, or contact your regular 3M representative. 3M Precision-Shaped Grain in the Cubitron II discs continuously fractures to form sharp points and edges — slicing cleaner, faster, staying cooler and lasting many times longer.