Who has better stats Larry Bird or Michael Jordan?

Who has better stats Larry Bird or Michael Jordan?

Bird had a 17-11 record against Jordan during his career. The Celtics star averaged 26.9 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 6.4 assists versus Black Jesus and swept him twice in the playoffs.

What was Larry Bird’s record against Jordan?

Michael Jordan had an 11-17 record versus Larry Bird in his career. Not what you’re looking for?

Does Larry Bird have any records?

He became only the third player (and the first non-center) to win three consecutive NBA Most Valuable Player Awards. He was a 12-time All-Star, a two-time NBA Finals MVP and a nine-time member of the All-NBA First Team. He led the league in free-throw percentage four times.

How many times did Jordan lose to Larry Bird?

“Michael Jordan dropped 30+ on Larry Bird 24 times but lost 23 times?”: How the Bulls couldn’t seem to string together wins against the Celtics despite having ‘His Airness’ Michael Jordan went off against Larry Bird and the Celtics on numerous occasions but has a losing record against them.

How many times did Michael Jordan lose to Larry Bird in the playoffs?

Michael Jordan had a record of 0-6 in the playoffs versus Larry Bird in his career. Not what you’re looking for?

What did Michael Jordan say when Larry Bird retired?

29 Year Old Michael Jordan After Larry Bird’s Retirement: “I’m Glad You’re Retiring, I’m Tired of Seeing Your Face” Michael Jordan’s legacy is known by NBA fans all over the world. With 6 titles for the Bulls, the ‘number 23’ was a game-changer for the sport itself.

Is Larry Bird the greatest of all time?

Bird has been described as one of the greatest basketball players and greatest shooters of all time. He was selected to 12 NBA All-Star teams. Bird won three NBA championships (in 1981, 1984, and 1986) with the Celtics and won two NBA Finals MVP Awards.

Is Larry Bird a top ten player?

Bird is a top-5 NBA player of all time Without getting into specifics, Bird’s former teammate, Greg Kite, recently told Sportscasting he would have Bird in his top five. “I’d put him in my top five,” Kite said Friday. “It’s a crowded five, but I’d put him there. He was definitely one or two when he was playing.

Did Michael Jordan ever beat Bird?

Michael Jordan in the 80s, he never won. And he never beat Larry Bird and he never beat Magic and Kareem.

Did Jordan beat Larry Bird?

He Never Beat Larry Bird. He Never Beat Magic And Kareem.” Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest player of all time, yet some people still find ways to dismiss his impact on the game and legacy.

Did Jordan get swept in the first round?

Despite Jordan’s skills, the Bulls were once again swept by the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The Bulls made it to the playoffs three more times in a row before winning their first NBA championship in 1991, a feat the team repeated in 1992 and 1993.

Were Larry Bird and MJ friends?

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are close friends, so it wasn’t that surprising to see the Boston Celtics legend take not-so-subtle shots at Chicago Bulls management in 1998 for how they treated MJ and head coach Phil Jackson.

Where does Bird rank all time?

Playing in just under 900 regular-season games, Larry’s 21,791 points rank 36th in NBA history. But his career average of 24.3 points is 18th, meaning a fully-healthy Bird could have seen his total climb even higher. It’s OK not to have Bird as the greatest player of all time.

Where does Michael Jordan rank all time?

Total Points Scored: 32,292 (5th) For a guard to score this many points is extraordinary. In fact, Jordan averaged 30.1 points per game for his entire career. Doing that for 15 seasons is sure to put you in rarified air. That said, Jordan ranks only 96th in total games played in NBA history.

Who gave Jordan the most trouble?

No one ever, as an individual defensive stopper, did a better job guarding Michael. Even Jordan said that Joe Dumars was the toughest defender he has faced, and we all know how terrific Jordan was.

Who does Michael Jordan have a losing record against?

The Washington Wizards have a 13-36 record versus Michael Jordan all-time.

Sacramento Kings 26 40.4
Denver Nuggets 26 41.9
Detroit Pistons 64 42.0
New York Knicks 60 39.4

How many times did Jordan play Bird?

Michael Jordan vs. Jordan went head to head with Larry Bird on 28 separate occasions in the regular season, which constituted 9 years of iconic battles. Between 1984 and 1992, Jordan and Bird had a ton of chances to one-up each other in individual matchups.

How many times did Larry Bird beat Michael Jordan?

The two went head to head 28 times throughout their careers, and Bird came out ahead in 17 of them. In the playoffs, the Celtics forward swept all six games he played against Jordan.

What did Michael Jordan say about LeBron James and Larry Bird?

As ESPN reported in 2010, Jordan called bull with regard to LeBron James jumping ship from Cleveland to Miami to team with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. He was quoted as saying, “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team.’

Is Larry Bird God disguised as Michael Jordan?

Bird even joined Jordan in Space Jam years after he’d already retired. Bird famously praised Jordan “ God disguised as Michael Jordan ,” and Jordan has complimented Bird time and time again.

Which NBA player has the best record against Larry Bird?

The player that owns the best overall record against Bird was Magic Johnson. During their heyday, the Lakers and Celtics met in the NBA Finals three times where the Lakers won two championships.