What is the weirdest thing on Wikipedia?

What is the weirdest thing on Wikipedia?

North America

11 foot 8+8 Bridge The bridge that continues to slice the roof off trucks that have fallen victim to it.
Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport Consists entirely of a deeply rutted unmanned strip of soil/gravel and a windsock.
Gum Wall

What is the most interesting Wikipedia page?

1, Wikipedia announced a mind-boggling milestone: Its English edition has logged 5 million entries since its launch in 2001….We’ll keep this updated with the best submissions.

  • Susan La Flesche Picotte.
  • Inventors killed by their own inventions.
  • Thomas Jefferson Jackson.
  • Ebola.
  • Crayola crayon colors.
  • Extreme ironing.

What is the most searched topic on Wikipedia?

Top-100 list

Rank Page Views in millions
Facebook 268
1 United States 243
2 Donald Trump 236
404.php 223

Is anything on Wikipedia illegal?

It is not a criminal act to vandalise Wikipedia. However, it is against the site’s terms of use to vandalise or otherwise cause disruption. Vandals are blocked from editing, and may also be further banned according to the terms of use.

What is not on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia articles are not: Definitions. Articles should begin with a good definition or description, but articles that contain nothing more than a definition should be expanded with additional encyclopedic content. If they cannot be expanded beyond a definition, Wikipedia is not the place for them.

Why is school blocked Wikipedia?

The entire Warren Hills Regional School District in New Jersey has also blocked access from all school computers. The basic problem, according to officials, is that Wikipedia’s unverified accuracy and ease of use are making it too tempting for students to use as a primary source.

Why has Wikipedia stopped?

And that is why Wikipedia is not so great: because a huge amount of space is devoted to meaningless articles maintained by control freaks. This problem has been addressed by the proposed deletion and speedy deletion processes, which allow Wikipedia administrators to delete these articles rapidly.

What celebrity has the longest Wikipedia?


Record Page As of
Non-convention article in most categories Bertrand Russell 5 February 2021
Most external links in one article List of MeSH codes (D02) 5 February 2021
Longest-lasting red link on Wikipedia Nourredine Boudiafi and Chaabane Younes on Portal:Current events/2005 January 4 28 December 2021

Who has the largest wiki page?

Baidu Baike
List of largest other wikis

No. Wiki Page Count
1. Baidu Baike 25,895,775
2. Baike.com 18,000,000
3. Namuwiki 1,057,222
4. Handwiki 1,033,263

Can you learn everything on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a reference site, not a website directly designed to teach any topic. Wikipedia may supplement a textbook by explaining key concepts, but it does not replace a textbook. Wikipedia is organized as hypertext, meaning that the information you require may not be on one page, but spread over many pages.

Why is Wikipedia so terrible?

The online encyclopedia does not consider itself to be reliable as a source and discourages readers from using it in academic or research settings. Researchers, teachers, journalists, and public officials do not regard Wikipedia as a reliable source.

What is the shortest Wikipedia page?

The “world’s first gif”, a horse, and a ditch: The English Wikipedia’s ten shortest featured articles

  • #8: U.S. Route 45 in Michigan.
  • #7: 2005 Azores subtropical storm.
  • #6: How Brown Saw the Baseball Game.
  • #5: Gagak Item.
  • #4: Miss Meyers.
  • #3: Katsudō Shashin.
  • #2: Si Ronda.
  • #1: Tropical Depression Ten (2005)

What is the longest article ever?

Opinion The 10 longest Wikipedia articles

  • California Proposition 218 (1996)
  • List of Warriors characters.
  • List of Dutch inventions and discoveries.
  • South African labour law.
  • Secret Wars (2015 comic book)
  • Constitution of Myanmar.
  • Characters of Supernatural.
  • The Dresden Files characters.

Why do schools not allow ripped jeans?

Originally, ripped jeans were not allowed because the administration was trying to make school feel like a more formal environment, but now kids are wearing sweatpants and shorts to school.

Is it illegal to keep students after the bell?

This movie scene may give students a false sense of security. It is actually legal to keep students after the bell. There are no direct laws against keeping people in class after the bell rings. Also, your school’s policy or regulations can specifically say different rules about the bell.

How do you tell a teacher you got your period?

You might feel a little shy about asking, but just say, “I started my period today and I don’t have my supplies.” If you don’t want to talk to a male teacher or counselor, you can just say, “It’s a girl thing.” He’ll get the message and find you a woman who can help.

Why do schools ban Wikipedia?

The basic problem, according to officials, is that Wikipedia’s unverified accuracy and ease of use are making it too tempting for students to use as a primary source.

Do schools allow tattoos?

If you have visible tattoos that are not necessarily vulgar or negative, these will often be accepted in any school system. However, most school systems will not allow excessive tattoos like full sleeves, face tattoos, or those that may be viewed negatively by parents.

Why don t schools allow phones?

The rationale against cellphones in schools is that excessive exposure to the devices will have a negative effect on school-aged kids – lowering grades, promoting cyberbullying and even increasing the likelihood of teenage anxiety, depression and suicide. Kids can be sneaky, too.