What is the airport code for Denmark?

What is the airport code for Denmark?


City served/Location Region IATA
Copenhagen / Kastrup Capital (Hovedstaden) CPH
Copenhagen / City Capital (Hovedstaden)
Copenhagen / Roskilde Zealand (Sjælland) RKE
Esbjerg South Denmark (Syddanmark) EBJ

Are there two airports in Copenhagen?

Only one airport in Copenhagen.

Who owns Copenhagen Airport?

It is the second largest airport in the Nordic countries. Before the Covid-19 pandemic it was the largest airport in the Nordic countries with close to 30.3 million passengers in 2019….Copenhagen Airport.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup
Owner/Operator Københavns Lufthavne

Can you sleep at Copenhagen Airport?

Staff and security are generally tolerant of airport sleepers, and travellers report that the airport has numerous spots and nooks conducive to good sleeping, especially on the airside. Reviewers note because the airport can get crowded, overnight sleepers should stake out their spots prior to 11:00 PM.

Is Kastrup airport the same as Copenhagen Airport?

However, the official name of the Airport is Copenhagen Airport Kastrup to not to confuse it with Roskilde Airport, also named Copenhagen Airport Roskilde. Kastrup Airport has all the world’s major airlines represented and is the main hub of major companies such as Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

How many international airports are there in Copenhagen?

four international airports
There are four international airports in Denmark which have international flights and the busiest is, of course, Copenhagen Airport.

What is the airport in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Airport (IATA: CPH, ICAO: EKCH), officially known as Copenhagen Airport Kastrup, is the main international airport serving the city of Copenhagen as well as the whole regions of Zealand and Oresund, and a large part of the south of Sweden.

How many terminals does Copenhagen Airport have?

3 terminals
With its 60.000 daily passengers it’s the largest airport of Scandinavia. Copenhagen Airport was founded in 1925, and today it’s the biggest and busiest airport in Scandinavia. It’s a junction for travelers, and it contains 3 terminals.

Is Copenhagen Airport Private?

Shareholder structure: Copenhagen Airports Denmark ApS (CAD): 59.4% The Danish State: 39.2% Foreign, Private and Institutional investors: 0.1%

What is the biggest airport in Denmark?

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
The 8 biggest airports in Denmark

IATA Name Airlines
CPH Copenhagen Kastrup Airport 61
BLL Billund Airport 14
AAL Aalborg Airport 10
AAR Aarhus Airport 3

Does Copenhagen Airport have showers?

Eventyr Lounge and the SAS Lounge are the only places at Copenhagen Airport where you can take a shower, albeit Eventyr Lounge is located after passport control.

Can I leave Copenhagen airport during layover?

Go sightseeing The airport is located just 12 kilometers southeast of Copenhagen, so your best option for passing your layover may be leaving the airport behind. As long as you have at least 6 hours before your next flight, exploring the city is definitely doable, easy, and fun!

Where is Kastrup in Copenhagen?

Kastrup (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʰæˌstʁɔp]) is a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, situated on the east coast of Amager in Tårnby Municipality.

Which airport does Ryanair use in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Airport
Ryanair – Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Is Copenhagen a big airport?

With its 60.000 daily passengers it’s the largest airport of Scandinavia. Copenhagen Airport was founded in 1925, and today it’s the biggest and busiest airport in Scandinavia.

Does Copenhagen Airport have Covid testing?

At Copenhagen Airport Falck is offering passengers various types of Covid-19 tests.

How do I know what terminal?

To find out your flight’s terminal, you generally just need to check your airline confirmation or flight itinerary. This can be found either in your email confirmation, or on the airline’s website closer to the day of departure.

Which is Europe’s biggest airport?

The biggest airport in the whole of Europe is currently Charles de Gaulle, located 25 kilometres outside of Paris. Named after the former Prime Minister of France and opened in 1974, the airport has a total area of 32.37km², consisting of 3 terminals (including 7 sub-terminals inside terminal 2), and 4 runways.

Can you smoke in Copenhagen Airport?

Our outdoor smoking area located in connection to Gates A or in the beginning of Gates C on the balcony (after passport control).

Can you leave Copenhagen Airport during layover?

Do I have to go through customs for a connecting flight in Copenhagen?

Thanks in advance! Copenhagen airport is nice and easy to use. You don’t need to go through customs in Copenhagen; whether or not you need to go through immigration depends on your final destination: if your final destination is in a Schengen country, you will go through immigration (passport control) in Copenhagen.

Is 1 hour enough for connecting flights in Copenhagen?

The minimum connection time in CPH is 45 minutes, so one hour is officially OK. When arriving from the US you will have to go through passport control in Copenhagen since this this is your first point of entry to the US, but you will not have to check your luggage again.

Who is Kastrup?

Lone Castrup Jørgensen (born 23 April 1962) is a Danish-born equestrian, who has been representing Australia since 2019. She competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics and the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Are Ryanair still flying to Denmark?

Coronavirus: Ryanair cancels flights to Denmark, slams government’s new rules.

Is there a shower in Copenhagen Airport?