What does the phrase put up meaning?

What does the phrase put up meaning?

: to endure or tolerate without complaint or attempt at reprisal. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About put-up.

What do you mean by put up with?

Meaning of put up with sth/sb in English to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasantly: I can put up with the house being messy, but I hate it if it’s not clean. He’s so moody – I don’t know why she puts up with him.

What is an example for put up?

Our neighbor put up a new fence between our houses. A house is being put up on the empty lot across the road. The police put up barricades in the streets. In our family, we put our Christmas tree up on the first day of December.

What does it mean to be put out of work?

Unemployed; also, having no work to do. For example, He lost his job a year ago and has been out of work ever since, or They don’t give her enough assignments—she’s always out of work.

What is the synonym for put up?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for put up, like: endure, domiciliate, fabricate, set up, can, provide, offer, preserve, build, put forward and post.

How do you use put up with?

put up with

  1. I don’t know how she puts up with him.
  2. I’m not going to put up with their smoking any longer.

What is the synonym of put up?

How do you use put out?

put somebody out 1to cause someone trouble, extra work, etc. synonym inconvenience I hope our arriving late didn’t put them out. be put out to be upset or offended He was really put out. to make someone unconscious These pills should put him out for a few hours.

Are you put off meaning?

to delay or move an activity to a later time, or to stop or prevent someone from doing something: The meeting has been put off for a week.

How do you say I am out of work?

@Hot Licks: Literally, yes. I often say that, while picking up my bag and about to leave. But you’re right. “I’m pushing off” is very informal….Formal ways:

  1. I’m done for the day.
  2. Let me call it a day!
  3. I’m leaving!
  4. May I leave? (asking permission, if allowed to leave early).
  5. I’m all done; heading home.

Where do you put up synonyms?

synonyms for put up

  • provide.
  • take in.
  • bestow.
  • billet.
  • board.
  • bunk.
  • domicile.
  • entertain.

Where are you put up currently?

It means, where are you residing/staying. Putting up is a phrasal verb, meaning staying. (Refer to Wren and Martin’s Book on English Grammar and Composition for a detailed stock of Phrasal Verbs.)

What’s another word for putting up with?

In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for put-up-with, like: tolerate, endure, stand and undergo.

What does put out mean slang?

to agree to have sex
US slang. (especially of a woman) to agree to have sex: I wasn’t going to put out just because he’d paid for dinner.

What is put aside?

Definition of put aside 1 : to save or keep (something, such as money) to be used at a later time She’s been putting aside some money for a vacation.

Where are you currently put up?

How do you say you have no job?

So the first thing to note is that the easiest way to say that you don’t have a job is literally:

  1. “I don’t have a job”.
  2. Another term to describe not having a job is “jobless”.
  3. The most general term for not having a job is simply “unemployed”.
  4. “I’m a job seeker”.

How do you say unemployed without saying it?

How to say “I’m unemployed”

  1. Well right now I’m spending a lot of time with my family.
  2. Right now I’m spending a lot of my time writing a book/studying/taking language classes.
  3. I’m looking for work in accounting.
  4. I’m organising a trip abroad.
  5. I’m taking a break right now from work.

What is the other term for put up?

jerry-build, rig (up), throw up.

What is the informal word for put up?

What is another word for put up?

erect raise
upraise uprear
set up set upright
stand up lift up
stand hoist

How are you holding up meaning?

Meaning. Typically, we use the phrase “how are you holding up?” to coax an answer from a person. Many people don’t know how to handle a situation when someone they care about is experiencing pain, regret, or sorrow.

What is opposite of put up?

Opposite of to place or set in an upright position. demount. disassemble. dismantle.

What you put up with?

If you put up with something, you tolerate or accept it, even though you find it unpleasant or unsatisfactory.

What is another word for put aside?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for put-aside, like: save, deposit, table, put out of the way, store and put away.