What does axe mean in slang?

What does axe mean in slang?

(informal) A dismissal or rejection. His girlfriend/boss/schoolmaster gave him the axe. noun. 1. (slang, music) A gigging musician’s particular instrument, especially a guitar in rock music or a saxophone in jazz.

What is the meaning of the idiom get the axe?

Be discharged or fired, expelled, or rejected. For example, He got the ax at the end of the first week, or The manager was stunned when he got the boot himself, or We got the bounce in the first quarter, or The pitcher got the hook after one inning, or Bill finally gave his brother-in-law the sack.

What is a one sided axe called?

Grub Axe Also known as a ‘cutter mattock,’ a grub axe has a head with an axe on one side and an adze on the other side. The axe blade will be at a vertical angle, while the adze blade, which is the longer of the two, will be at a horizontal angle.

What is an example of an axe?

The axe is an example of a simple machine, as it is a type of wedge, or dual inclined plane. This reduces the effort needed by the wood chopper. It spilts the wood into two parts by the pression.

Did I axe you meaning?

Meaning. ” Actually, ‘ax’ for ask has been around in English for 1000 years! It’s a dialectal variation, used mostly in African-American Vernacular English, and I believe some Southern dialects as well. Obviously it’s socially stigmatised, and thus characteristic of ‘incorrect’, lower class speech.

Is axe short for something?

“I have been holding that axe in the air ever since I rusted, and I’m glad to be able to put it down at last….AXE.

Acronym Definition
AXE Antique Exercise Equipment

What is the idiomatic expression of to have an axe to grind?

to have a strong personal opinion about something that you want people to accept and that is the reason why you do something: Environmentalists have no political axe to grind – they just want to save the planet.

What is the difference between ax and axe?

Ax and axe are different spellings of the same word. There is no difference in meaning or pronunciation. However, you might be surprised by all the possible meanings these two spellings share.

Why are wives called battle axes?

If someone calls an older woman a battle-axe, they mean she is very difficult and unpleasant because of her fierce and determined attitude. This use could cause offence. A battle-axe is a large axe that was used as a weapon.

What is a two sided axe called?

Labrys (Greek: λάβρυς, romanized: lábrus) is, according to Plutarch (Quaestiones Graecae 2.302a), the Lydian word for the double-bitted axe. (in Greek it was called πέλεκυς, pélekus). The Ancient Greek plural of labrys is labryes (λάβρυες).

Is it an axe or a axe?

Whatever the reason, these days if you have such an item to grind, you’ll call it an axe if you prefer to go with the more common spelling and an ax if you prefer to buck trends while you’re grinding your axes.

What is the meaning of can’t cut the mustard?

To cut the mustard is “to reach or surpass the desired standard or performance” or more generally “to succeed, to have the ability to do something.” For instance, Beyoncé really cut the mustard in her new song.

What is an example of an axe to grind?

Example Sentences He has no political axe to grind, he is just concerned about the state of affairs here. I think he is gunning for the top job because he has an axe to grind with some of his colleagues. Some new reports may be biased because the reporters have an axe to grind.

Who spells axe without an E?

On one hand, ax (without the ‘e’) is more common in the U.S. On the other hand, axe (with an ‘e’) is more common in British English. You can spell the tool ax or axe.

What is a female battle-axe?

If someone calls an older woman a battle-axe, they mean she is very difficult and unpleasant because of her fierce and determined attitude.

What is a battle-axe in the Bible?

The Bible is replete with many ‘battle-axes’ that God used to overcome kings, and kingdoms. For us today, the assurance is that if God has called us His ‘battle-axe’, then that is what we are.

What is a Mammen axe?

One of the most magnificent finds from the Viking Age is one of the axes from the grave at Mammen. It is made of iron with silver inlay. The axe is decorated in the so-called Mammen style, which is named after this particular find. The style arose in the 900s and it survived until around 1000.

How do you speak spades?

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of ‘spade’:

  1. Break ‘spade’ down into sounds: [SPAYD] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.
  2. Record yourself saying ‘spade’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

Who invented axe?

Copper-bladed axes appeared in Egypt about 4000 bc and were followed by axes with blades of bronze and eventually iron; blades were fastened to hafts by a variety of means—e.g., lashed into a wooden sleeve, bound into a split of wood, inserted in a bone socket.