What are portlets in Liferay?

What are portlets in Liferay?

Web apps in Liferay DXP are called portlets. Like many web apps, portlets process requests and generate responses. In the response, the portlet returns content (e.g. HTML, XHTML) for display in browsers.

How do I find my Liferay User ID?

In JSP Code: themeDisplay. getUserId() will give you the current user id.

What is module in Liferay?

Liferay applications and customizations are OSGi modules: . jar files containing Java code and some extra configuration for publishing and consuming APIs. A module project comprises three things: Code: Java classes and resources, such as images, templates, and additional descriptors.

Where can I find portlet ID in Liferay?

Liferay also constructs the ID with the help of the portlet name. For example: If your portlet name is MyWork defined in portlet. xml and the generated file in the webapps folder (if you are using tomcat) is MyWork-portlet then the resultant Id will be MyWork_WAR_MyWorkportlet .

What is portal and portlet?

A portal is a collection of mini web applications, called portlets. A portal supports features like personalization, content aggregation, authentication, and customization. Portlets act as windowed web applications within the portal, and each window in a portal web page (called a portal page) represents a portlet.

What portlet means?

a piece of software that is displayed in a portal (= a website or page on the internet that allows people, especially a group of people who are interested in a particular subject, to get useful information and to find other websites): This portlet can be added to a page by any user with the appropriate privileges.

What is Liferay company ID?

companyId is the liferay portal instance id. If you setup liferay to be multi-tenant, this id is used to separate data between the virtual portal. groupId is organizational or site id.It’s used if you want to separate your data between organization or sites.

How do I get all users on Liferay?

getUsers(QueryUtil. ALL_POS, QueryUtil. ALL_POS); and then iterate it to fetch each user….However, on JSP, there are couple of issues:

  1. renderRequest is undefined.
  2. Cast exception ( UnmodifiableList cannot be cast to java. util. ArrayList ) for user-list.
  3. You are not iterating list and getting user objects properly.

How do I make a Liferay module?

You can create a new Liferay module project by navigating to File → New → Liferay Module Project. Figure 1: When selecting *New* → *Liferay Module Project*, a Module Project Wizard appears. You’re given options for project name, location, build type, and template type. You can build your project using Gradle or Maven.

How do I import a project into Liferay module?

You can import a module project by navigating to File → Import → Liferay → Liferay Module Project(s). Then point to the project location and click Finish.

What is portlet example?

This simplified Hello World portlet example allows a user to set the message that is displayed within a portlet. The portlet code sends a Portlet setting to a Set Preferences page, which stores it in the ALI database and redirects to the portal, refreshing the portlet display.

What is the difference between portlet and servlet?

Servlets can render complete web pages, whereas portlets renders html fragments. These fragments are aggregated by the portal into a complete web page. The content type of JSR 168 portlets can be only cHTML, XHTML, WML. It does not support other content types.

What is portlet application in Java?

Portlets are reusable web modules that provide access to Web-based content, applications, and other resources. Portlets can run on the application server because it has an embedded JSR 286 Portlet container.

What is Elasticsearch Liferay?

Elasticsearch is an open source, highly scalable, full-text search and analytics engine. By default, Elasticsearch runs as an embedded search engine, but it’s only supported in production as a separate server or cluster.

What is elastic search in Liferay 7 What are its uses?

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable, full-text search and analytics engine set as a default search engine in the Liferay. It runs on embedded search engine algorithms and supported in production as a clustering in the Liferay DXP.

What is user in Liferay?

In case there’s any confusion over the term, a User in Liferay is an entity that can sign into the portal and do something. Generally a User has more privileges, called Permissions, than a Guest of your site, who does not sign in.

How do I add a user to Liferay using API?

User Account API Basics

  1. Use the cURL script to add a new User to your Liferay instance. On the command line, navigate to the curl folder.
  2. The REST service can also be called with a Java class. Navigate out of the curl folder and into the java folder.
  3. Run the User_POST_ToInstance class with the following command:

How do I deploy portlets in Liferay 7?

3 Answers

  1. Navigate to Control Panel -> Plugins Installation on Liferay.
  2. hit Install new portlets.
  3. hit Configuration.
  4. Fill in to Deploy Directory a new place for deployment let’s say [your domain]/autodeploy2.

How do you use Liferay?

You can use liferay portlet for creating an enterprise, standard and scalable Web Application….Restart your Eclipse and make sure you’re able of defining a new Liferay Server.

  1. Click next and browse towered you unzipped Liferay.
  2. Click next & finish.
  3. Start the server from Servers pane.

What is BND BND file in Liferay?

The bnd.bnd file describes and configures the module: Bundle-Name: Greeting API Bundle-SymbolicName: com.liferay.docs.greeting.api Bundle-Version: 1.0.0 Export-Package: com.liferay.docs.greeting.api. The module’s name is Greeting API. Its symbolic name–a name that ensures uniqueness–is com.

How do I run a Liferay project?

Liferay Dev Studio

  1. Right-click the server from the Servers window and select Add and Remove….
  2. Add the project(s) you’d like to deploy from the Available window to the Configured window. Then click Finish.
  3. Verify your project builds, deploys, and starts successfully by viewing the results in the Console window.

What is portal and portlets?

What are the two types of rendering portlets?

Portlet Types

  • Java Server Page (JSP) and HTML Portlets.
  • Java Portlets (JSR 168)
  • Java Page Flow Portlets.
  • Java Server Faces (JSF) Portlets.
  • Browser (URL) Portlets.
  • Struts Portlets.
  • Remote Portlets.
  • Portlet Type Summary Table.

What is Liferay used for?

Liferay is an open source enterprise portal used to enable corporate intranet and extranet. This Java-based web application platform provides a toolset for the development of customizable portals and websites.

Are portlets part of Java EE?

Java EE specification also features some specifications unique to enterprise computing. These include Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), servlets, portlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Server Faces (JSF) and several Web service technologies.