Is there a love interest in Kotor 2?

Is there a love interest in Kotor 2?

Romance? Yes, Please. Unlike the first KOTOR, there are no same-gender romance options in Obsidian’s sequel.

Can you get Handmaiden as a female?

This mod makes the Handmaiden a romance option for female Exiles, and the Disciple a romance option for male Exiles. Players do not need to worry about any possible pronouns mix-up either because this mod will make the Handmaiden refer to a female Exile by “she/her” and the Disciple refer to a male Exile by “he/him”.

Can Handmaiden become a Dark Jedi?

However, after the cutscene where Kreia tells you that you cannot yet enter this place until you are more powerful, I noticed that the Handmaiden had just become a dark jedi from being on the light side of the spectrum.

Can you romance Bastila as a woman?

The Game only gives you Two romance Option (one is the same). Bastilla only works with a male Char but it depends on what you expect, because the romance Thing can be really important later (Light side or Dark side are highly important too).

Can you romance Mira?

You can’t. There was never a Mira romance as far as I’m aware, she always rejects you. And even if she didn’t, the “romances” in KOTOR 2 are barely present at all, so it wouldn’t be very substantial even then.

Can you romance Handmaiden?

You can technically romance the Handmaiden, but it mainly comes down to an unspoken tension. To successfully do so, just talk with her as much as possible after certain events in the campaign and alienate Visas with different choices to get the payoff, but be sure to check the amount of influence as well.

How old is the Handmaiden in Kotor 2?

Also The Handmaiden is said to be 25 but on the wiki it states they she was born on 3976 BBY and the game takes place at 3961 BBY (5 years after KOTOR 1 which took place at 3956 if I remember correctly), this doesn’t add up and I want to know if the info I have is incorrect or if I’m missing something.

How old is the Handmaiden in KOTOR 2?

Can you romance bastila?

Bastila Shan Bastila is recruited into the party on Taris after you rescue her. In order to romance Bastila, you must be playing a male character. Bastila generally adheres strictly to the teachings of the Jedi code, though you can be playful about it with her (to a point) when discussing her beliefs together.

Can you turn Mira into a Jedi?

Mira is Force-sensitive; players with high enough influence with her can have Surik train Mira in the ways of the Force, making her into a Jedi Sentinel.

Can you romance Visas Marr?

If the player chose a male character, Marr, along with the male-player-only character Brianna, was intended to be one of two romantic interests that could be chosen. Technically, however, it was not possible to have a romance with either one.

Can you romance Bastila?

Why does Visas Marr have a red lightsaber?

So to answer your question about why she had a red lightsaber, ultimately it was because it was a legends story. The colour of your saber wasnt determined by your force connection.

Is the handmaiden mod compatible with KOTOR 2?

If you want to use this mod, make sure you DO NOT have holorec.dlg in your Override folder, or Handmaiden will not be able to join your female Exile’s party. This mod is compatible with the KOTOR 2 Community Patch (compiled by A Future Pilot).

Why does KOTOR 2 have the best romance subplot?

If you take the light side path you become her teacher of the ways of the light side of the force and if you take the dark side path you teach her of why she was doing the dark side wrong so the master/apprentice relationship persists. And that is why KOTOR 2 has the best written romance subplot.

What do you think about Kotor 1 and 2?

That and KOTOR II expolres the fact that both sides of the Force (light and dark) are dangerous when taken to the extreme. KOTOR I was just dark=bad light=good. With the exception being Jolee Bindo and the lessons he tries to teach you through his stories, (especially love).

Is this mod compatible with KOTOR 2 community patch?

This mod is compatible with the KOTOR 2 Community Patch (compiled by A Future Pilot). If you’re uncertain if a mod is compatible with this mod or not, feel free to ask me.