Is Scarab boats still in business?

Is Scarab boats still in business?

Scarab is a brand of high performance power boats formerly owned by Wellcraft and currently by Rec Boat Holdings, a subsidiary of Groupe Beneteau. Wellcraft still makes a line of fishing boats which are currently known as Scarab Offshore.

Are Scarab boats any good?

Scarab Boats was originally a brand of jet boats made to compete with Yamaha jet boats for entry-level dollars in that market. Though not considered of the highest quality, they have a significant following in the jet boat market.

How fast are Scarab jet boats?

Jetboaters Admiral Julian said: Saw this review on boatest.com and was surprised to see that the top speed is only 41 mph. Always thought of Scarab as a performance boat builder.. .

How long is a scarab boat?

Brief Summary. The Scarab 255 ID with twin 250-HP Rotax 4-TEC supercharged water-jet engines is a 25′ (7.62 m) long boat that can carry 13 people.

Are Scarab boats fast?

Top speed was 82 mph with the engines turning 5,200 rpm, and the boat cruised at an efficient 41 mph at 3,200 rpm….Boat Specifications.

LOA 37’10”
Test power Twin Volvo Penta 600 DPX engines
Standard fuel capacity 194 gallons
Top speed 81.8 mph
Time to plane 3.4 seconds

How fast is a Scarab 285?

Thanks to its high-performance dual 300-horsepower Rotax supercharged engines, it’s capable of accelerating 0-30MPH in 4.74 seconds. Lower the throttle and you can expect a top speed of 55 mph – a new industry standard in acceleration and speed that’s guaranteed to appeal to speed-freaks.

How fast is a Scarab 195?

Our test boat was equipped with a 250-hp Rotax Supercharged engine and had an estimated test weight of 3,250 lbs. We hit a top speed of 41.9 mph at 7900 rpm.

How fast is a Scarab 165?

Upon launch, there was very little bowrise as the li’l Scarab reached plane in 1.6 seconds and hit 30 mph in only 4.7 seconds. We hit a top speed of 53 mph with the Rotax screaming at 8000 rpm.

How much is a new Scarab?

Distinct styles, potent power, and a capacity for five put this jet boat at the forefront of exhilaration. No wonder it’s the go-to fan favorite! Available Power Options: Rotax 150 $27,400 MSRP Real Deal NAP $25,061.

Are jet boats worth it?

As mentioned above, they’re great in shallow waters, but inboard jets can also be backed up on to beaches given the absence of any protruding parts including rudders. At very high speeds jet drives have been documented as being more efficient than props, and they’re certainly quicker to accelerate.

Did Scarab buy Seadoo boats?

Scarab, the Reincarnation of Sea-Doo Boats It’s because the company Rec Boat Holdings LLC purchased the assets of the Sea-Doo jet boat line, and released a new boat line under the name of Scarab.

What is the largest Scarab boat?

Cadillac, Michigan, January 2, 2015 –Rec Boat Holdings has introduced its largest jet boat yet with the Scarab 255. A stand-out in the industry, this 25-foot sport runabout boasts more room and power than any other jet boat available today.

How much is a scarab 285 ID?

The Scarab Jet 285 ID is truly the Gulf Stream of jet boats….Pricing and Specs.

Price: $130,420 (base with test power)
LOA: 28’0″
Beam: 9’2″
Draft: 1’8″
Dry Weight: 5,750 lb.

How fast is a scarab 165?

How much does a scarab 165 weigh?

1600 lbs
Customize your 165 ID with your favorite colors.

Approx. Boat & Engine Weight 1600 lbs 726 kg
Fuel Capacity 20 gal 76 L
L.O.A 15′ 9″ 4.8 m
Max HP 300 HP 224 kW
Maximum Capacity 850 lbs 386 kg

How wide is the Scarab 165?

The 165 is the first of its kind….Compare.

Base price $20,720 (USD)
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 4.8 m (15′9″)
Beam 2.2 m (7′1″)

How much is a new Scarab 165?

2022 Scarab 165 ID • $53,887 Distinct styles, potent power, and a capacity for five put this jet boat at the forefront of exhilaration. No wonder it’s the go-to fan favorite!

What is a scarab Halo?

Scarab is a term that, in the context of the Halo franchise, could refer to many things, namely: A group of Covenant vehicles known colloquially as “Scarabs” by UNSC personnel. Type-29 Ultra-Heavy Site Excavator – The vehicle often referred to as the “Super Scarab,” as seen in Halo Wars.

Is Sea-Doo going out of business?

Production of Sea-Doo sport boats will be discontinued, according to the Canadian firm, but Bombardier will continue to honor warranties. The Canadian firm BRP announced today that it will cease production of its Sea-Doo sport boats and exit the sport boat business over the coming months.

How fast is a scarab 285?

How heavy is a scarab Halo?

198.7 tons
Protos-pattern Scarab

Type-47A Scarab
Mass: 198.7 tons (180.3 tonnes)
Armament: 1 ultra-heavyfocus cannon 2 heavy plasma repeaters
In service: Human-Covenant War

How heavy is a scarab?

2460 lbs
Customize your 195 ID with your favorite colors.

Approx. Boat & Engine Weight 2460 lbs 1116 kg
Fuel Capacity 31 gal 117 L
L.O.A 18′ 10″ 5.7 m
Max HP 300 HP 224 kW
Maximum Capacity 1400 lbs 635 kg