How do I change my ambient remote from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

How do I change my ambient remote from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

The remote digital thermal switch is set at the factory to display in Fahrenheit temperature. To convert to Celsius, press the Up and Down buttons simultaneously. Press them again to return to Fahrenheit units.

What is an ambient fireplace?

Ambient Technologies® Remote Systems bring fireplace controls to your fingertips. Dependable Performance. Radio frequency operation ensures that our remotes will work without interference from other household appliances. You can control your fireplace from up to 30 feet away. Quality Assurance.

Why won’t my remote work on my gas fireplace?

1) Batteries do not have enough power or are installed incorrectly. 2) Misunderstanding on how the remote features operate the fireplace. 3) The slide switch on the receiver is not in the correct position. 4) The remote hand-held transmitter has not had the “learn” function activated to the receiver.

How do I reset my electric fireplace remote?

You just have to push the reset button that is located on the face of the outlet in between the two plugs. If your electric fireplace is plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is flipped to the ON position.

How do you turn off an ambient fireplace?

Slide the button to RS (the center position), then press the ON button on the transmitter to turn the system to ON. The main gas flame should ignite. 6. Press the OFF button on the transmitter to turn the system off.

How do you go from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

To convert temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 and multiply by . 5556 (or 5/9).

Why won’t my remote start my fireplace?

Why is my remote not working?

Perform a power reset. If the issue is caused by an external factor, such as network service, data broadcasting, or connected devices, it may be improved by a power reset. For Android TV™ or Google TV™ models, unplug the power cord, wait two minutes, and then plug it in.

Why is my fireplace not turning off?

Step 2: Turn off the power switch if your gas fireplace won’t turn off. Beginning at the fireplace, check the switch to make sure the unit is on. The controller may be on the side of the fireplace or behind a panel in its front. If there is no switch, it could be on the wall near your fireplace or elsewhere in the room …

Why is my electric fireplace not turning off?

A tightly bent or over-stretched power cord may be causing the problem. Check your fuse box or breaker for any switches that have tripped. Inspect the fuse on the electric fireplace and replace if necessary. Try another wall socket.

What is ambient temperature in AC?

Accurate ambient temperature readings are crucial to properly selecting an air conditioner for your sensitive electronic equipment. For the purpose of this selection process, “ambient temperature” refers to the temperature of the air in the environment immediately surrounding an enclosure.