Who kisses EMA in Brothers conflict?

Who kisses EMA in Brothers conflict?

After the surprise party for Yuusuke and Ema, in Episode 12, Ema sees him outside, smoking, Ema finally gives a proper response to all of them. When Ema is about to go, Natsume grabs her wrist, kisses her, and apologises for being a brother like that but nevertheless, like all the brothers, he still loves her.

How old is EMA Hinata Brothers conflict?

She is 17 years old and a high school senior at Hinode High School. After her father remarries, she moves in with her 13 new stepbrothers. She is very good at cooking. Her father was always away working, leaving Ema to take care of herself, but now, with her new family, she feels happy and safe.

Who does EMA end up with in Brothers Conflict novel?

Natsume asks Ema to move in with him. At the end of the novels, however, Ema chooses Subaru instead and tries to return Natsume’s keys to him as a sign. Still, in the manga, Ema chooses Natsume, and it is hinted that they will marry in the future.

What is Julie Brothers conflict?

English Voice Juli (ジュリ, Juri) is Ema Hinata’s pet squirrel.

Who does Subaru end up with brothers conflict?

Only at the end of the novel, though, Ema is the one to confess to Subaru and they become a couple. In 13 bros. maniax it is shown they have a daughter named Chitose and they all live together in Tokyo.

How old is Subaru in Brothers conflict?

19 years old
Subaru is the 9th son of the Asahina family, 19 years old.

How old are the brothers conflict?

Main characters

Asahina Louis朝日奈 琉生 B
Aliases Rui
Measurements Height: 174cm, Weight: 56kg
Birthday 22 February
Age 21

Is Brothers conflict a harem?

Brothers Conflict is about a girl who moves in with her new brothers, when her father remarries the mother of these boys. The girl in both shows is very much loved and approached by many guys. Both series are in the reverse harem genre .

What’s the opposite of harem anime?

In anime, a traditional harem features a male main character having multiple female characters around him (often head-over-heels for him). A reverse harem features a female main character surrounded by multiple male characters.

Can a harem be male?

For example, when a girl (yuri) or a guy (hetero) is getting attention from a group of women, this is called a ‘male harem’ or sometimes people call it seraglios, which is a Turkish term meaning the place (usually apartments) where a man keeps his wives or concubines.

Do lions live in harems?

African lion (harem referred to as a “pride”) with the infrequent strategy of two coequal males (often brothers) who enter the territory of an existing harem and share the dominance, which makes it easier to depose the existing alpha male.