What zip code is 55340?

What zip code is 55340?


Is Hamel a city?

Hamel is a village in Madison County, Illinois, United States. The population was 929 at the 2020 census. It is a part of the Illinois Metro East portion of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

What is the population of Hamel Minnesota?

Stats and Demographics for the 55340 ZIP Code

Population 6,327
Population Density 175
Housing Units 2,236
Median Home Value $325,900

What is Hennepin County zip code?

Zip Code List County – Hennepin County, Minnesota

Zip Code City County
55411 Minneapolis Hennepin County
55412 Minneapolis Hennepin County
55413 Minneapolis Hennepin County
55414 Minneapolis Hennepin County

What is the zip code for Corcoran MN?

Corcoran/Zip codes

What does Hamel mean?

Meaning and Origin of: Hamel French : topographic name for someone who lived and worked at an outlying farm dependent on the main village, Old Frenchhamel (a diminutive from a Germanic element cognate with Old English hām ‘homestead’).

What school district is Hamel MN?

Data provided on student membership and staffing are from the official school level data for 2020-2021….

County: Madison County schools in county
Locale: Rural: Distant (42) Magnet: – Title I School: – Title I School-Wide Program: – Total Students: 128 Classroom Teachers (FTE): – Student/Teacher Ratio: –

What county is Hamel MN in?

Hennepin County, Minnesota
Hamel is an unincorporated community in Medina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States. Hamel has its own fire station and post office with ZIP code 55340.

What is considered Hennepin County?

Hennepin County (/ˈhɛnəpɪn/ HEN-ə-pin) is a county in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Its county seat is Minneapolis, the state’s most populous city. The county is named in honor of the 17th-century explorer Father Louis Hennepin….Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Hennepin County
Seat Minneapolis
Largest city Minneapolis
• Total 607 sq mi (1,570 km2)

What is the zipcode of Minnesota?

Zip Codes in Minnesota 2022

Zip Code City County
55423 Minneapolis Hennepin County
55016 Cottage Grove Washington County
55082 Stillwater Washington County
55414 Minneapolis Hennepin County

Does Corcoran MN have a post office?

CORCORAN – Post Office™ | USPS.

What ethnicity is the name Hamel?

English, Scottish, and Irish: variant spelling of Hamill. French: topographic name for someone who lived and worked at an outlying farm dependent on the main village, Old French hamel (a diminutive from a Germanic element cognate with Old English ham ‘homestead’).

Are Wayzata schools good?

Wayzata Public School District is a top rated, public school district located in WAYZATA, MN. It has 12,207 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1. According to state test scores, 79% of students are at least proficient in math and 81% in reading.

How many students are in Edina High School?

Edina High School is a four-year public high school located in Edina, Minnesota, United States, a suburb of Minneapolis. The current student population is 2,683….

Edina High School
Staff 113.38 (FTE)
Grades 9–12
Number of students 2,683 (2020-2021)
Student to teacher ratio 23.66

What cities make up Hennepin County?

List of Towns and Cities in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States with Maps and Steets Views

  • Champlin.
  • Crystal Bay.
  • Dayton.
  • Eden Prairie.
  • Excelsior.
  • Hamel.
  • Hopkins.
  • Long Lake.

What town is ZIP code 55440?

Minneapolis55440 / City

What county is Corcoran MN in?

Hennepin CountyCorcoran / County

Who is the postmaster of St Paul MN?

Minneapolis Postmaster William Jones and Saint Paul Postmaster John Morgan. What: William Jones will be sworn in as the 36th Postmaster of Minneapolis, MN and John Morgan will be sworn in as the 32nd Postmaster of Saint Paul, MN. The community is invited to attend.

How common is the last name Hamel?

In the United States, the name Hamel is the 2,972nd most popular surname with an estimated 9,948 people with that name. However, in Canada, the name Hamel is ranked the 216th most popular surname with an estimated 18,113 people with that name.

What is the meaning of Hamel?

Noun (1) Middle French hamel. Noun (2) Afrikaans, from Middle Dutch; akin to Old English hamola man with cropped hair, Old High German hamal wether, hamal castrated, Old Norse hamla to castrate, skammr short, Sanskrit śamala error, damage; basic meaning: castrated.

What is the largest High School in MN?

Wayzata High School
Wayzata High School is a comprehensive public high school located in Plymouth, Minnesota, United States, a suburb of Minneapolis. The high school, operated by Wayzata Public Schools, has approximately 3600+ students in grades 9 to 12 (2019), making it the largest secondary school by enrollment in Minnesota.

Is Edina High a good school?

Edina Senior High School is ranked #486 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college….Ranking Factors.

Ranking Factors National State
Graduation Rate Rank #7,288 (tie) #135

Is Edina Minnesota rich?

Edina is wealthy, but not the wealthiest town in the Twin Cities. Woodbury, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie and Maple Grove, among others, all have higher median household incomes. Edina’s schools are excellent, but U.S. News & World Report ranks Edina High School at No. 10 in the state.

Is Edina High School Good?

Edina High School was ranked as 486th best public high school in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report. Minnesota Department of Education certified Edina as a “Five Star School” and the U. S. Department of Education recognized it as a “National School of Excellence”.