What number does make me a winner call from?

What number does make me a winner call from?

What number does absolute radio call from Make me a winner? Entrants can enter the Competition by sending an SMS message starting with the keyword WIN to 81215 or 61054, or WIN or ROCK to 64100.

How do you call a radio station to request a song?

To request a song on the radio, call the station with the your chosen song already in mind. If you get the busy signal, hang up and call again, since radio stations are often busy. Be prepared with a backup song in case they can’t play your song of choice.

When should you call a radio station to win?

Don’t call too late or too early. The radio station usually starts accepting calls after the contest has been solicited and the new song or commercials have started. You should wait until they say they are going to play the music or news so that you have a chance for your phone to ring.

What number do make me a winner call from?

What happens when you win a car in a giveaway?

You’ll owe taxes on the car the tax season after you win the car, not right when you win it. If you win the car in October 2019 and receive it in January 2020, you won’t pay taxes on it until you submit your taxes in April 2020.

What happens when you win money on the radio?

A prize won from a radio or television quiz program is explicitly called out as being income that must be reported as “other income” on IRS Form 1040. If your prize takes the form of goods or services instead of cash, you must declare their fair market value as income.

How do you text an Absolute Radio?

To get your song on-air tweet @AbsoluteRadio with #RequestShow or text 81215 (50p + n/wrk rate).

Has anyone won make me a winner?

Rob from Stockport wins £80,000 Planet Rock listener, Rob, picked up our call within 5 rings, said “Make Me A Winner” and is now £80,000 richer. His wife, Carrie, was overjoyed with emotion as she celebrated with him on air.

How do I request a song on radio 1?

Request A Song Use the Facebook or Twitter links below, email [email protected] or text 81199.

Why do people request songs on radio?

Song requests are designed so listeners can play tracks from your music collection. Anyone can add requested songs to be played out on your radio station. The more requests a track gets, the sooner it will get played. It’s a great way to get your listeners engaging with your shows.

Is there a trick to calling radio stations?

2: How to get through to a radio station contest. Save the radio stations number into your phone so you can speed dial it. Then use the redial button if you hear the busy signal or it times out! Wait 10 seconds between each call.

What do you have to pay when you win a car?

As a general rule of thumb, your tax payment will be about one-third of your car’s value. So, if you waltzed away from a sweepstake with a $30,000 car, you’ll owe $10,000 in taxes. The biggest portion of this payment comes in the form of federal income tax.

Do you pay taxes on radio winnings?

Tips. If you have won a contest from a radio station, you will be required to pay taxes on any income earned. Merchandise you have been awarded is also subject to taxation.

How do I avoid taxes on sweepstakes winnings?

If you live in one of the 11 states that don’t tax sweepstakes prizes, you may be spared state income taxes. Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming have no state income taxes.

How do I enter Absolute Radio Competition?

Entrants can enter the Competition by sending an SMS message starting with the keyword WIN to 64100, 61054 or 81215 or ROCK to 64100 during the relevant Entry Period. If the message does not start with the valid Keyword(s), or is not sent to the valid number, it will not be entered.

What radio station does make me a winner?

Absolute Radio
Every weekday on Absolute Radio, we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on massive tax-free prizes on Make Me A Winner! A huge congratulations to all of our winners so far…

What number calls for make me a winner?

To enter on Absolute Radio text the word WIN to 81215, Magic Radio text WIN to 61054, Kiss FM text WIN to 64100 or Planet Radio text ROCK to 64100 (£2 + Standard Network Rate) or enter online.

What number do magic radio call you on?

To call the Magic Radio studio: 03 444 777 888 (Calls charged at national rate. If you have minutes for national numbers included in your calling plan, calls to this number will use those minutes.) To text the Magic Radio studio: Send a text to 61054, starting your message with the word MAGIC.