What movies are only on UK Netflix?

What movies are only on UK Netflix?

The following list shows the titles on the first of 14 pages of the Netflix shows exclusive to UK audiences.

  • Fierce Creatures.
  • Guest House Paradiso.
  • Thunderbirds.
  • Mikybo & Me.
  • Waist Deep.
  • War Games.
  • Cry Baby.
  • Mallrats.

Is US Netflix better than UK?

The quality of the movie itself is the same in both countries. No matter which country you watch from, your TV shows will have the same screen quality that makes Netflix so popular.

What is number 1 on Netflix now?

The Lincoln Lawyer
We are working on new Netflix charts and will update this page soon….Netflix Top 10 in the United States.

Rank 1
YD (1)
LW (1)
Title The Lincoln Lawyer
Type TV Show

What is the Netflix Top 10 in the UK?

Top 10 By Country

# Films in United Kingdom Weeks in Top 10
1 Jackass 4.5 2
2 Senior Year 3
3 The Silencing 2
4 A Perfect Pairing 2

What UK Netflix has that US doesn t?

Here’s the list of the best UK Netflix shows that are not available in the US.

  1. The Office (US) Genre: Comedy | Episodes: 188 | IMDb: 8.9.
  2. Rick and Morty. Genre: Adventure, Comedy | Episodes: 42 | IMDb: 9.2.
  3. Orphan Black (2013)
  4. Line of Duty (2012)
  5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  6. Unforgotten.
  7. Misfits.
  8. Star Trek: Discovery.

Why did Harry leave Netflix?

Why did Netflix remove Harry Potter? Netflix’s license of Harry Potter expired, and since it is expensive to keep a title after renewing it, so Netflix removed it. However, Harry Potter movies are available on Netflix in selected regions mentioned in this article.