Is Microsoft getting rid of public folders?

Is Microsoft getting rid of public folders?

Are public folders going away? No. Public folders are great for Outlook integration, simple sharing scenarios, and for allowing large audiences to access the same data.

How do I setup a public folder forwarding?

In Outlook, right-click the public folder and then click Properties. Click Folder Assistant and then click Add Rule. Select the Forward option, input your email address in the “To” field and select the “Leave Message Intact”. Note All other settings are optional, and don’t affect this issue.

What is the difference between public folders site mailboxes and shared mailboxes?

Both can receive emails (if public folders are mail enabled). However, public folders are considered as a companywide collaboration tool which can be accessed by anyone in your organization. Shared mailbox is severing like a small group. It best serves as a contact mailbox.

What can I use instead of public folder?

SharePoint has been around almost as long as Public Folders, but is now available as SharePoint Online in certain Office 365 plans. It is a collaborative solution for sharing, managing and working on content between a certain defined number of end users.

Should I use public folders?

Public folders are best used as a project collaboration tool, or data archiving entity. They can be mail enabled to receive message flow, serve as main appointment calendar or elaborate task management structure.

How do I access public folders in Outlook Mobile App?


  1. You can open a Web browser on your mobile device and log in to your Mailbox via OWA page.
  2. Once you logged in, tap the Options button (upper right corner) and tap the Desktop site option.
  3. After that, you can use the Favorites tab to work with Public folders as you would from the Desktop browser.

How do I send an email to the Public folder in Office 365?

Navigate to Public folders > Public folders. In the list view, select the public folder that you want to mail-enable or mail-disable. In the details pane, under Mail settings, click Enable or Disable. A warning box displays asking if you’re sure you want to enable or disable email for the public folder.

How do I archive emails in public folder?

In the public folder tree, right click on the mail-enabled public folder you wish to archive and select Properties. Under the Mail Flow Settings, select Delivery Options and select Properties… In the Delivery Options Window, enable the Forward to feature, and enter the email address of the user previously created.

What is difference between public folder and public folder mailbox?

Public folder content can include email messages, posts, documents, and eForms. The content is stored in the public folder mailbox but isn’t replicated across multiple public folders mailboxes. All users access the same public folder mailbox for the same set of content.

How do I change a public folder to a shared mailbox?

2 Answers

  1. create new shared mailboxes on O365.
  2. use Outlook to export the items in the public folders to PST files.
  3. use Outlook to import the PST files into the shared mailboxes.

Does Microsoft support public folders?

Public folders are available in the following Outlook clients: Outlook on the web (formerly known as Outlook Web App) for Exchange 2016 or later. Supported versions of Outlook for Exchange Server. Outlook for Mac 2016 and Outlook for Mac for Office 365.

What are public folders used for?

Public Folders is one of the many features within Microsoft Exchange. Its purpose is to give Outlook users access to common folders for sharing information. Exchange Administrators can control user access by assigning permissions to a Public Folder.

What is the use of public folder in Outlook?

Public folders in Outlook give you a great place to collect, organize, and share information about particular topics or projects within an organization. “Public” in this case means viewable by everyone within the organization, not the world at large.

Can you view public Folders on iPhone?

iPhone, Android, and Outlook users can view Public Folders in Office 365.

How do I access public Folders in Outlook Web App?

In Outlook, go to the Folders view. Click the three dots on the Navigation Bar, and the click Folders. Users with Outlook 2010 clients can click Folders at the bottom of the Navigation Pane. If necessary, scroll to the Public Folders node in the Navigation Pane.

Can we send email to Public folder?

Public folders are designed for shared access and provide an easy and effective way to collect, organize, and share information with other people in your workgroup or organization. Mail-enabling a public folder allows users to post to the public folder by sending an email message to it.

Can public folder receive external email?

According to your post, you have tried the method 4 but the public folder still cannot receive emails from external senders.

What is public folders used for?

Public folders are designed for shared access and provide an easy and effective way to collect, organize, and share information with other people in your workgroup or organization. Public folders help organize content in a deep hierarchy that’s easy to browse.

Do public folders have email addresses?

Mail-Enabled Public Folders allow the folder to receive email directly to it. They are assigned an SMTP address once you set the folder to be mail-enabled.

How do I move a public folder to SharePoint?

How to move Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint?

  1. Step – 1: Create a new PST file in Outlook.
  2. Step – 2: Move public folders data to the PST file.
  3. Step – 3: Migrate the PST file to SharePoint.

How do I export a public folder to PST?

Export Public Folder to PST Using Outlook

  1. Start Outlook and click the File option in the menu.
  2. Choose the third option Import/Export.
  3. Select the option Export to a file and click Next.
  4. Choose the option Outlook Data File (PST) and click Next.
  5. Select the public folders for export and click Next.

How do I access public folders in Outlook Web App?

How do I access public folders in Outlook Mobile?

How do I sync public folders in Outlook?

The Outlook client does not automatically sync public folders with Outlook on the web. To add a public folder in Outlook on the web, right-click Folders, and then choose Add public folder to Favorites. Locate the folder and click Add.

How do I add a public folder to my iPhone calendar?

Head over to “Settings” from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. In the settings menu, scroll down and tap on the Calendar app to configure settings for the Calendar app. Here, tap on “Accounts” to manage your Calendar accounts. Now, you’ll need to tap on “Add Account” to add a new public calendar.