Is Gracepoint the same as Broadchurch?

Is Gracepoint the same as Broadchurch?

Gracepoint is a remake of the British smash Broadchurch, which aired on ITV in the UK and BBC America in 2013. It’s not the first time a show has been remade with an American cast so soon after being imported on cable (does anyone stateside remember Life on Mars?)

Why was Gracepoint Cancelled?

The ratings for Gracepoint started out low and got worse as the season progressed. For whatever reason, many viewers just weren’t interested in the series — despite being assured that the mystery would be solved by the end of the 10 episodes. With such poor ratings, it’s no surprise that FOX has cancelled the series.

What is the British version of Gracepoint?

Gracepoint is an American crime drama television series created by Chris Chibnall. It is a remake of Chibnall’s UK drama series Broadchurch, and stars that series’ lead, David Tennant, along with Anna Gunn, as two detectives investigating the murder of a boy in a small, tightly knit coastal town.

Is Gracepoint worth watching after Broadchurch?

If you haven’t seen “Broadchurch,” I highly recommend “Gracepoint.” If you have, you might want to tune in to the “Gracepoint” finale just to see if it’s the same character who turns out to be the murderer this time.

What should I watch after Gracepoint?

The series was nominated for six primetime Emmys.

  • Luther (2010-2019) You might have already heard of Luther, as it had quite a long run.
  • The Tunnel (2013-2018)
  • Gracepoint (2014)
  • Shetland (2013- )
  • The Fall (2013-2016)
  • Sharp Objects (2018)
  • The Stranger (2020)

Is Broadchurch based on a true story?

Broadchurch was created by writer Chris Chibnall, who previously worked on Torchwood and is now Doctor Who showrunner. The story is fictional and was first conceived by Chibnall back in 2003, who was inspired by the sweeping and epic Jurassic coastline in Dorset where he lived.

Who killed the boy in Gracepoint?

In original UK series Broadchurch, Joe (Matthew Gravelle) was revealed to be the murderer of Danny Latimer, strangling the boy after fearing the truth about his feelings for Danny would be exposed. Fox boss Kevin Reilly said back in January that Gracepoint would have a “different” climax to Broadchurch.

What is the US version of Broadchurch?

“Gracepoint” –– a remake of the British cop drama ‘Broadchurch. ‘ Fox’s remake of the huge British cop drama “Broadchurch” is curious, not least because the original version, which aired on ITV in the UK also aired rather successfully for American audiences on BBC America.

Is Gracepoint a good show?

Bottom Line: Gracepoint is a thrilling and addicting drama filled with a fast-paced plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are compelling, and the story is rich with jaw-dropping twists and turns, making it a worthy edition to the elite Thursday night line-up.

Who killed Danny in Gracepoint?

Joe Miller
Finding out Joe Miller, Ellie’s husband, strangled 11-year-old Danny after the two had been having secret meetings to “hug” just seemed so out of the blue and it was never quite fully explained.

What series is as good as Broadchurch?

More Shows Like Broadchurch

  • Unforgotten (2015- )
  • Happy Valley (2014-2022)
  • The Missing (2014-2016)
  • Vera (2011- )
  • Deadwater Fell (2020)
  • Hinterland (2013-2016)
  • Marcella (2016- )
  • The Bay (2019- )

What is wrong with Broadchurch?

He is known to suffer from severe heart arrhythmia, of which he did not inform his superiors, until which Ellie Miller became aware and referred him to the Chief Medical Officer. Recently a pacemaker was successfully implanted and his health has improved.

Is Broadchurch worth watching?

As with any good whodunnit, the suspense and the mystery are only as good as the list of potential suspects, and this show has a ton of them. The small English town of Broadchurch, where the drama unfolds, is quaint, beautiful and chock-full of possible murderers.

How was Danny killed in Gracepoint?

Gracepoint has revealed Danny Solano’s killer in the season finale, which aired in the US last night (December 11). Tom Miller – Ellie and Joe’s son played by Jack Irvine – accidentally hit Danny with an oar while trying to defend him against Joe (Josh Hamilton).

What happens at the end of Gracepoint?

When Danny tried to flee Joe after his advances, Tom waved an oar between them to keep his father from hurting his friend. Danny mistakenly ran into the oar, braining and killing himself. The ending was different! Then we see Ellie confront Joe with the truth and tell him that he is to tell no one the truth.

How many episodes of Gracepoint were there?

10Gracepoint / Number of episodes

How many series of Gracepoint are there?

1Gracepoint / Number of seasons

What is the longest running crime drama in UK?

Silent Witness
The primetime hit BBC One show, the longest running crime drama currently airing on TV anywhere in the world, follows a team of forensic pathologists helping police solve murders using clues found on the bodies of victims. Silent Witness stars Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern, David Caves and Liz Carr.

What is the best British crime series on Netflix?

From ‘Peaky Blinders’ to ‘Sherlock:’ 10 Must-Watch British Crime Shows On Netflix

  • ‘Peaky Blinders’ Image via BBC.
  • ‘Collateral’ A pizza delivery man is shot dead on the street, but nothing is as it seems.
  • ‘Sherlock’
  • ‘Bodyguard’
  • ‘Giri/Haji’
  • ‘Criminal: UK’
  • ‘The Stranger’
  • ‘Top Boy’

Why did Broadchurch get Cancelled?

According to Entertainment Daily, ITV wanted Broadchurch to be a standalone show in the beginning. However, they soon extended it to three series instead after the drama’s success. The cancellation happened because of a “plausibility issue.” Even Tennant thought it would not make sense to continue the British series.

Is Broadchurch a true story?

What makes Broadchurch so good?

Who killed the kid in Gracepoint?

Finding out Joe Miller, Ellie’s husband, strangled 11-year-old Danny after the two had been having secret meetings to “hug” just seemed so out of the blue and it was never quite fully explained.

Who killed in Gracepoint?