Is Chennai Express running today?

Is Chennai Express running today?

12610 Chennai Express Running Status 12610 Chennai Express train runs from Mysuru Jn (MYS) to Katpadi Jn (KPD) on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. 12610 train covers 19 stations. The departure time for 12610 Chennai Express from Mysuru Jn is 05:00. The arrival time to Katpadi Jn is 11:48.

Where is Chennai express train now?

12604 Chennai Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
NELLORE (NLR) 02:18 Ontime
GUDUR JN (GDR) 02:58 Ontime
SULLURUPETA (SPE) 03:43 Ontime

What is the timing of Chennai Express?

The train 12604 is named as CHENNAI EXP. It leaves Hyderabad at 16:55 on day 1 and reaches Chennai at 05:55 on day 2.It takes 13 hrs 0 mins to reach from its source to the destination.

What is the train No of Chennai Express?

CHENNAI EXPRESS (12610) – Mysore (MYS) to Chennai (MAS) Train Time Table | Seat Availability | Ticket Booking.

Are trains operating in Chennai?

In line with the Covid-19 lockdown relaxations announced by the Tamil Nadu government, the Southern Railways Thursday informed that the suburban train services will resume in Chennai from June 25.

Is trains available from Bangalore to Chennai?

There are 24 weekly trains and 7 daily trains that run from Bangalore to Chennai , covering the shortest distance of about 1570 km by PATLIPUTRAEXP(22352). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Bangalore to Chennai.

How can I go to Mumbai from Chennai by train?

Popular Trains from Chennai to Mumbai

  1. 12164 – MAS LTT EXPRESS. Runs onMTWTFSS | OthersClasses 3A, SL, 2S, 2A. 06:20 PM.
  2. 22158 – MS CSMT EXP. Runs onMTWTFSS | OthersClasses 3A, SL, 2S, 2A. 06:20 AM.
  3. 22160 – MAS CSMT EXP. 01:25 PM.
  4. 22919 – ADI HUMSAFAR. Runs onMTWTFSS | OthersClasses 3A, SL.
  5. 11018 – KIK LTT EXPRESS. 10:10 PM.

Which waterfall is shown in Chennai Express?

Dudhsagar Falls
The famous Chennai express waterfall – Dudhsagar Falls.

When Chennai local train will start?

Resumption of stoppages at Halt Stations The following halt stations for the trains mentioned against each will be restored with effect from 26th May, 2022.

Is Brindavan Express running today?

The arrival time to Mgr Chennai Ctl is 20:55. The total distance covered by Brindavan Exp is 359 Km on its route….12640 Brindavan Exp Running Status.

Station Walajah Road Jn 254 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 19:09 18:48
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 19:11 18:50
Delay 21min
PF/Halt – 2min

Which trains are running now from Bangalore?

Train Passing from Ksr Bengaluru (SBC)

  • COIMBATORE EXP-11013. LTT – CBE. Schedule & Route.
  • LOKMANYA TT EXP-11014. CBE – LTT. Schedule & Route.
  • SHATABDI EXP-12007. MAS – MYS.
  • JP MYSORE EXP-12976. JP – MYS.

How many trains are running Chennai to Mumbai?

There are 5 weekly trains and 3 daily trains that run from Chennai to Mumbai , covering the shortest distance of about 1288 km by KIK LTT EXPRESS(11018).

How many trains are running between Mumbai and Chennai?

Approximately 5 trains are found running between Mumbai to Chennai covering a distance of approx 1268 kms.

Where is bahubali waterfall?

Situated on the Chalakudy River, in the Sholayar Reserve Forest of Thrissur district in Kerala, Athirappilly Falls are 40 km from the Kochi airport and 30 km from the closest railway station in Chalakudy.

Which train passes through dudhsagar?

Trains Pass-through Dudhsagar Falls

  • Amaravati express/Kuchhigudda Vasco (18047/17603) Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat around 10:40 am in the morning.
  • Chennai / Vasco (17311) every Saturday 8:40 Hrs.
  • Poorna Express (11097) 12:15 hrs every Sunday.

Is everyone allowed in local train?

Indian Railways has decided to allow everyone to board Mumbai Local train, irrespective of their profession. Earlier, only those with essential services and fully vaccinated were allowed to get the pass for boarding Mumbai local. But now, every passenger can board.

Who can travel in Chennai local train?

Only fully vaccinated passengers allowed on suburban trains The passengers will need to produce the vaccination certificate for the issuance of journey or season tickets at the counters along with valid identity proof.

Is Double Decker train running?

Train hasn’t started yet. But all looks good.

Where is Brindavan Express right now?

A: 12639 MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL – BANGALORE Brindavan SF Exp is 43 kms to KUPPAM(214 kms Covered so far). It is expected to reach Bangalore City Jn by 13:40.