Are Centre caps universal?

Are Centre caps universal?

Many people think that center caps are “universal fit” but this is definetley not true. One wheel can have over 30 different center caps. The easiest way to find your correct cap is if you have a cap still on one of your wheels. Remove it and write down the numbers/letters on the back of the cap.

Are all alloy wheel Centre caps the same size?

The design of centre caps offers an almost unlimited range of possibilities. Only the diameter and possibly the height are predetermined by the respective wheel. In most cases the dimensions vary from a diameter of 50 to 75mm.

What size are my wheel caps?

To determine your hubcap or wheel size, start by finding a series of 9 letters and numbers on the side of your tire that begins with the letter “P”. At the end of this series, you will see the letter “R” followed by 2 numbers. These last two numbers are your hubcap or wheel size.

How do you measure wheel center caps?

How to Measure Center Caps

  1. Place the center cap on a table or solid work surface, so that the opening of the center cap is facing upward.
  2. Place a tape measure or tape ruler across the opening on the center cap.
  3. Measure the outer diameter at the base or opening of the center cap, as this is the widest portion of the cap.

Will stock center caps fit aftermarket wheels?

no, just 1 mm off and you will have a problem.

What sizes do center caps come in?

Wheel caps filter by size

  • D – Outside diameter. — 54.0mm. 55.0mm. 55.5mm. 56.0mm. 57.0mm. 57.5mm. 58.0mm. 59.0mm. 59.5mm. 60.0mm. 60.5mm.
  • S – Rim hole diameter (DIA) — 0mm. 43.0mm. 46.0mm. 46.5mm. 48.0mm. 49.5mm. 50.0mm. 51.0mm. 51.5mm. 52.0mm.
  • H1 – Length up to fixing. — 0mm. 1.0mm. 10.0mm. 10.5mm. 11.0mm. 13.0mm. 15.0mm. 15mm. 17.0mm. 18.0mm.

How do you buy wheel center caps?

The most common way to measure center caps for wheels is by confirming the distance across the middle of the center hole from inside-to-inside.

Do BMW center caps fit apex wheels?

Original BMW center caps fit perfectly into our 5×120 APEX wheels.

What size center caps do I need for 18 inch rims?

For 17 and 18-inch Smoothie wheels, you must use a 7-inch cap, like those found on a Chevy Rallye wheel.

How do floating center caps work?

When the wheel rotating, it generates electricity by itself. When the vehicle speed is above 20/km, it will generate electricity and light. The principle is similar to wind power generation. When this wheel turns, the car logo does not move, and the car logo remains vertical during driving.

Can you put BMW center caps on aftermarket wheels?

As it’s your car, You can put a BMW cap (or any other cap) in them that fit securely. The center cap is just a piece of plastic with tabs and a locking ring. Most wheels, oem and aftermarket, have the same size opening for a center cap… but not all.