Why did rocsi leave 106 and Park?

Why did rocsi leave 106 and Park?

She left 106 & Park to become a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. In 2014, she was fired when CNN’s Nischelle Turner was hired.

Is rocsi Diaz Puerto Rican?

Diaz was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras but moved with her family to New Orleans, Louisiana. She is of Honduran and Chilean descent.

Where is rocsi Diaz now?

After leaving 106 & Park in 2012, Rocsi Diaz had a brief stint as a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight, and went on to host VH1 reality show Dating Naked a few years later. Diaz currently co-hosts Cannonball on the USA Network alongside WWE star Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

How old is rocsi?

40 years (November 17, 1981)Rocsi Diaz / Age

Where is free Marie now?

Boston, Massachusetts
She currently lives a private life. Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Why did free and AJ leave 106?

Former ‘106 & Park’ Host AJ Calloway Let Go From ‘Extra’ Following Sexual Misconduct Claims. A.J. Calloway made a name for himself as one of the original hosts of BET’s 106 & Park. After he and co-host Free left the show in 2005, he landed a job as a host on Extra, where he continued to work as a television host.

Where did Rocsi Diaz go to high school?

West Jefferson High School
Nicholls State University
Rocsi Diaz/Education

Where is Roxy Diaz from?

Tegucigalpa, HondurasRocsi Diaz / Place of birth

Who is Roxy from BET dating?

Eddie Murphy, 51, steps out with new girlfriend Rocsi Diaz, 28, at BET Awards party. Yes, they are.

How tall is rocsi?

5′ 2″Rocsi Diaz / Height

Why did AJ and Free get fired?

What happened to AJ and Free from BET?

Since the two left the show in 2005, A.J. and Free have pursued careers in television and radio, respectively, and make infrequent appearances on the network that shot them to stardom. Currently, there are no plans for a BET-produced reunion.

Did AJ from 106 and Park wear wigs?

Since then, Calloway saw all of the commotion and took to his Instagram stories to admit that his dread were, indeed, real back in his “106 & Park” days. This clip is a newer one. “Why does this have me laughing so hard!” he said. “My hair was real back then.” Peep that reveal below.

What is rocsi Diaz nationality?

Rocsi Diaz/Nationality

How tall is rocsi Diaz?

Where is Rocsi Diaz from?

How tall is Roxy 106 and Park?

Where is AJ and Free now?

AJ is now a correspondent for ExtraTv. According to, AJ also owns Calloway Entertainment Group which is a, production, marketing, promotions and event-planning company. According to her website, she can be heard on Washington DC’s WPGC 95.5, The Big Tigger show with Free.

Why was AJ fired from extra?

Extra host A.J. Calloway has been suspended after several women have accused him of sexual assault. His suspension comes after two more women came forward in December with their own accounts of being assaulted by Calloway.

Where are AJ and Free now?