What percentile is 1400 Chess com?

What percentile is 1400 Chess com?

1400 equals top 10 percent – Chess Forums –

What percentile is 1400 ELO?

USCF Ratings Distribution Charts

Rating Classification Rating range Percentile
Class C 1500 to 1599 76.38%
Class C 1400 to 1499 70.66%
Class D 1300 to 1399 64.83%
Class D 1200 to 1299 59.75%

What percentile is 1200 on chess com?

The 50th percentile in daily is somewhere between 1100 and 1200. I think it’s because most players are in the 800-900 range, so if you are 1200 then you have a high percentile because most players are lower rated than you.

How do I find my chess com distribution rating?

You can get there by going to your Stat page (Home > Stats) and clicking the word Global under the Leaderboard panel. For blitz it goes to and you can use the drop-down at the top to change the rating pool you are interested in.

Is the 1700 ELO good?

1700-1900: a very good chess player. Makes few mistakes. Has reached a level of mastery that most Chess players will never reach. Probably knows a good deal about chess openings and end games.

How good is 1800 lichess?

If by solid you mean, what is considered, “Good”, on lichess, then anything over 1900 is great. 1800, good, but it’s not that impressive. No, 1800 is not solid. even 2000 is not solid in Lichess.

IS 800 in blitz good?

When I make a new account usually the first thing I do is play around 20 blitz games, and that was also my experience: that blitz players 800 to 1400 are better than expected.

How good is a 2000 rated chess player?

2200-2300 are ratings where you’ll find most National Masters (NMs) and FIDE Candidate Masters (CMs). 2000-2200 is considered Expert. 1800-2000 are Class A. 1600-1800 are Class B.

Is 1900 a good chess rating?

1900-2100: an outstanding chess player. Possesses solid knowledge of chess openings and end games. Probably can play chess with his eyes closed, and win. 2100+: a chess genius.

Is a 1600 chess player good?

1600 is ok in blitz and can be dangerous and talented but they make lots of bad mistakes. 1750 and above is getting towards the category of “strong player”. There’s a noticeable difference and they tend to be more solid, but sometimes less creative, until they get up towards 1900.

What is the highest chess rating ever?

2725: José Raúl Capablanca

  • 2720: Mikhail Botvinnik,Emanuel Lasker
  • 2700: Mikhail Tal
  • 2690: Alexander Alekhine,Paul Morphy,Vasily Smyslov
  • What are the rating levels in chess?

    You can choose the strength of the computer from 258 to 2300 in ELO rating. Level 1 is extremely weak, and Level 100 is extremely difficult to beat! The Chess has 100 different levels of play from beginner to expert! Challenge to win medals by defeating computer! You will be rewarded new board style and pieces design by collecting medals.

    What is the average chess rating?

    Typically a chess master is rated 2200, and will be approximately 2300 blitz. Our rating comparison page can help serve as a guide across different rating platforms. The average blitz rating is 913, and the majority of players fall between 400 and 1400.