What is the HTS code for printed material?

What is the HTS code for printed material?

Code 4901
HTS Code 4901-Printed books, brochures and similar printed matter, whether or not in single sheets (excluding periodicals and publications which are essentially devoted to advertising)

What is HSN code for novels?

GST Rate and HSN Code for Books, Newspapers, Calendars – HSN Chapter 49

HSN Exim Code HSN Item Description GST Rate in Percentage
4901 10 In single sheets, whether or not folded:
4901 10 10 Printed books 5
4901 10 20 Pamphlets, booklets, brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter 5

What is the HS code for notebook?

HS Code 48201030 – Notebooks, letter, pads.

What is the HS Code for books?

4901 10 – Printed books, brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter, whether or not in single sheets, In single sheets, whether or not folded – Taric Support.

What is customs code for books?

HS Code 49019900 – Printed, books, brochures.

Is there GST on printed books?

Printed books, including braille books and newspaper, periodicals & journals, maps, atlas, chart & globe are not taxable under GST.

What is the GST on books?

Book lovers and students will now have to pay more as books will become costlier by 10-20 per cent under the Goods and Services Tax regime. Though books continue to remain exempt under GST, but inputs such as printing, binding and royalties to authors now attract tax at 12 per cent.

What is the HS Code for paper?

48021010 – Hand-made paper and paperboard: Paper HS Code and Indian Harmonised System Code.

What is the HSN code for stationery?

39261019 – Office supplies of a kind classified as stationery other than pins, clips, and writing instruments: Other HS Code and Indian Harmonised System Code.

What is the HS code for Catalogues books?

Do books attract customs duty?

Books are exempt from import duty, but may attract VAT and if unlucky to be picked up by RM then their admin cost is also added, it can be a bit hit and miss as many just slip through and delivered as normal.

What is the HSN code for printing?

HSN Code 4911

HS Code Description GST%
49111090 OTHR ADVRTSG MATTER PRINTED ,Products include: Corporate Gifting, Brochure Printing, Challan Book, Amazon Gift Voucher, Acrylic Sandwich Board, Retailer, Printing Flex, Retailer 12%

What is the GST rate for printing books?

GST Rate of 12% Any other type of printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry, manuscripts, typescripts and plans not mentioned above are taxable at 12% GST.

What is the product tax code for books?

Chapter 49

Rate (%) Products Description HSN Codes
NIL Newspapers, journals and periodicals, whether or not illustrated or containing advertising material 4902
NIL Children’s picture, drawing or colouring books 4903
12% Music, printed or in manuscript, whether or not bound or illustrated 4904

What happens if I use the wrong HS code?

Incorrectly classifying a product can lead to non-compliance penalties, border delays, seizure of the products, or even a denial of import privileges. As the exporter of the products, you are responsible for correctly classifying them, and therefore you are liable. Because classifying is complicated this can be a risk.

What happens if you have the wrong HS code?

By incorrectly classifying goods for entry, an importer is committing a customs violation which can lead to shipment delays, fines, liquidation and other penalties. Additionally, you could end up paying more in customs duty than you otherwise would with the correct HTS code.

What is HS code India?

ITC-HS Codes or better known as Indian Trade Clarification based on Harmonized System of Coding was adopted in India for import-export operations. Indian custom uses an eight digit ITC-HS Codes to suit the national trade requirements.

What is the HS code for A4 paper?

A4 Paper Import Data under HS Code 48025690 with Price.

Is GST applicable on printed books?

What is the SAC code for printing & stationery?

Rate of GST for Printing Services HSN/SAC 9988: Manufacturing services on physical inputs (goods) owned by others: Sr.

Is there import VAT on books?

The key thing is that virtually all books and magazines are ZERO VAT RATED. If a shipper wants to add VAT at Customs Clearance they are probably using the wrong commodity code.