What is adhoc subprocess?

What is adhoc subprocess?

In BPMN, an ad-hoc subprocess is one which has no sequence: the order in which their constituent tasks are performed is unknown or unspecified. The tasks therein not only have no stipulated running order, they don’t have to execute at all.

What is the difference between a process and a subprocess?

To make this clearer, let’s recall that a process is a sequence of activities that has a beginning and a definite end. So while a subprocess is an activity that can be subdivided into smaller parts, a task is an activity that has no subdivisions, it’s just a single task e.g.,. Confirm delivery.

What are the three types of activities within a process in BPMN?

There are basically three BPMN activity types:

  • BPMN Task.
  • BPMN Sub-Process.
  • BPMN Call Activity.

What is a subprocess in BPMN?

In BPMN, a sub-process is a compound activity that represents a collection of other tasks and sub-processes. Generally, we create BPMN diagrams to communicate processes with others. To facilitate effective communications, we really do not want to make a business process diagram too complex.

What are ad hoc subprocesses?

Ad hoc subprocesses have the characteristic of not being connected to other elements of the process, and their internal elements are also not connected to each other. It means that these tasks can happen at any time.

How do I start an ad-hoc subprocess?

When the process is automated, there will be a link on the right sidebar to start each ad-hoc subprocess task that does not have input flows and is located in the same pool or outside any pool (global ad-hoc subprocess). In the above example, the tasks “Task #1” and “Task #2” meet these requirements.

What is an event subprocess?

An event subprocess is contained at a specific process level (a common subprocess), or in a top-level process (main process flow), and is actioned by triggers. It can also interrupt the main flow or start a non-interrupt scenario.

What is a subprocess flowchart?

We can define a subprocess flowchart as the representation of an activity that contains a series of small parts, that is: this activity can be represented by a process flowchart (in this case, a subprocess flow), since it’s inserted into a Process flow chart.